Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
For best results this ice cream sandwich cake should be made a day before you want to serve it.
  • 1 cup chocolate syrup
  • 2 (8 ounce) tubs of Cool Whip topping
  • 2 pkg (4 serving size) instant chocolate pudding
  • 20 crushed chocolate sandwich cookies
  • approx 32 vanilla ice cream sandwich cakes ( buy 3 boxes of 12 and you should have some leftover)
  1. thaw cool whip topping (takes 1 to 2 hours on counter tops)
  2. mix 1 tub cool whip with chocolate syrup
  3. add in instant pudding and mix for 2 minutes
  4. add in crushed sandwich cookies
  5. put cookie mixture to one side
  6. cover the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan with ice cream sandwiches (see photos in post)
  7. cover ice cream sandwiches with cookie mixture
  8. cover cookie mixture with another row of ice cream sandwiches
  9. cover row of ice cream sandwiches with the second tub of cool whip
  10. place in freezer to freeze overnight.
  11. Serve the next day.
Recipe by Snail Pace Transformations at