6 Habits To Form This Year For Healthier Eating


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My goal for 2014 was to lose 10 pounds, and as I write this I am actually 5 pounds heavier than when I started 2014. My goal was a complete flop.

6 habits to form this year for healthier eating creating good eating habits one inch at a timeThere have been a few health problems along the way, that haven’t helped matters, but if I am 100% honest with myself I know what the true problem to my inching weight is. The problem is my eating habits.

I am physically active, and I do eat healthy foods, but with a very large side of unhealthy foods. As a blogger I sit on my rear at least 4 hours a day and sometimes more, and my unhealthy eating is undoing the calories I do burn while exercising and more.

This year I am not going to set a weight loss goal. I am still within a healthy weight bracket for a women of my height, although just barely. Instead this year I am going to focus on eating healthy, because I believe that when I do the weight will stop creeping up.

I know from experience that in order for me to make a change a live long habit, slow and gradual is best. So I thought long and hard about what healthy eating habits would make the most impact on my current day to day diet.

I then narrowed the list to the top 6, which will give me 2 calendar months to make each mini eating healthy goal a life long habit.

If eating healthy is a struggle of yours too, I would love to have you join me. You can set your own 6 healthy eating habits for the year, or follow along with mine.

6 habits for healthier eating do them over and over and form habits that stick

 6 Habits For Healthier Eating

1. January-February: Portion Control

I tried Trim Healthy Mama for a while last year but actually gained weight, and I am pretty sure I know why. I am a big eater and the program doesn’t require you to chart calories. I still think the program works great for many, as I have seen friends lose upwards of 40 pounds on it. However, tell me I can eat chocolate with every meal, which the plan does, and I will and lots of it.

I can pack away more food in one sitting than my husband. My metabolism use to be able to take it, but now not so much.

I once lost 15 pounds by using the Lose It App faithfully to chart all my calories, then I fell of the charting calories bandwagon and the weight came back on and more.

It is time to go back to what works for me. Charting my calories makes me get realistic about how much I am really eating.

Goal: Use the Lose It App faithfully at least 6 days a week. I plan to set it at a pound a week loss, hoping that this will gradually take the weight off through out 2015, BUT my emphasis is to eat more healthy for life, not just for weight loss, so if it doesn’t come off I am going to focus instead of celebrating my healthy eating success.

2.  March-April:Drinking More Water

I have developed a horrible habit of starting the day with a 20 oz mug of green tea, followed by another, and then by a giant mug of either coffee or earl grey tea.

I cut the caffeine off by 2 pm, but then I just stop drinking except perhaps a herbal tea before bed.

Goal: Carry water with me everywhere I go so that I can sip on it often especially in the afternoon when I tend to get so busy I forget to drink anything.

3. May-June: Cut Back On Sugar

Confession time, I have a raging sweet tooth. I rarely go a day without a sweet treat and I am not talking about 100 calories of the sweet stuff. It is not uncommon for me to down 4 cookies, and a handful or two of chocolate chips through out the day. Very, hard for me to type that but it is true. Other days I have been know to have two cookies after lunch and a bowl of ice-cream after dinner, and more handfuls of chocolate chips.

Goal: I want to be realistic with this goal. I once read that a good healthy goal is to make no more than 10% of your daily calorie intake be junk. With this guide line in mind I am setting my goal at a max. of 200 calories in a day in sweets 6 days a week, and one big 400 to 500 calorie splurge day per week (because I got to have ice-cream sometimes 🙂 ).

4. July-August: More Fruit & Veggies

Some days I do great with fruit and veggies, other days I look back and realize I have had perhaps 2 servings the entire day.

Goal: I am going to aim for at least one serving of fruit or veggies with breakfast and my afternoon snack, a big salad a day, and at least 2 servings of fruit or veggies with the meal that isn’t a salad.

5. September-October: Better Eating Out Choices

There are 2 ways I blow healthy eating more than any other way, eating out and eating at celebrations. I am going to attack both these bad habits head on this year.

Goal: Use my Lose it App to help me make better healthy eating out choices. Choices that are not only lower in calories but higher in nutrition. This means keeping buffet eating to one plate. This means choosing the salad (hold the dressing) over the burger and fries. This means choosing water over pop, even with the fast food value meal.

6. November-December: Wiser Celebration Eating

I make horrible eating decisions at social gatherings. I graze at the potluck spread, a cookie here, a cookie there, some nachos, a few chips, a glass of pop. It doesn’t seem like I am eating much at one time, but when I add up what I ate over the course of the event it is WAY TOO MUCH.

I can’t think of a better time to tackle wiser celebration eating then at the end of the year, when I have already built 5 other healthy eating habits into my life, and can use them as tools when facing the most celebration filled time of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Goal: I want to stick to one plate for the meal, one sweet treat per event, and water to drink. Sure this might mean I still am over on calories for the day, but it sure will be a lot less calories than I am consuming at parties now.

Will you join me, as I set out to eat better in 2015? I plan to write an update during the first week of each month, to share how I am doing and what I am learning. Join along.

You can also join along by joining my Snail Pacing Goal Achievers Facebook group where I will be sharing updates for all the goals I set for this year, and offering you encouragement and tips along the way.

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  1. Yes! I need to follow these same goals! I eat so much sugar a day I am suprised I don’t have diabete’s! ;( I will join you! Looking forward to your updates!

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