6 Habits To Form This Year For Healthier Eating: May/ June Update


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As soon as I switched from renovating to blogging the pounds started slowly creeping on. I have also developed some nasty eating habits. This year I am hoping to stop the creep and tame the nasty. Here is how I did in May/June and how I plan to attack the next healthier eating goal.

6 habits to form this year for healthier eating creating good eating habits one inch at a timeI did not do at all well with May and June’s goal of less sugar. This months focus goal should be easier for me though as I enjoy eating fruits and veggies and with it being summer they are easy to find and prepare.

Here is an update on how I am doing in all 6 goals so far.

6 Habits For Healthier Eating

1. January-February: Portion Control

Goal: Use the Lose It App faithfully at least 6 days a week.

I don’t think I used the Lose it App more than a handful of times in June and perhaps two dozen times in May. I have started using it again these past few days. I have it set to 1/2 pound loss per week but am not adding in my workouts.

2.  March-April:Drinking More Water

Goal: Carry water with me everywhere I go so that I can sip on it often especially in the afternoon when I tend to get so busy I forget to drink anything.

After finally finding the perfect travel bottle that fits great in my car and keeps liquids cold all day, I have done really well with this goal.  (this mug is expensive but I felt it worth the investment as it is easy to clean, very durable and should last for years and years )

3. May-June: Cut Back On Sugar

Goal: I want to be realistic with this goal. I once read that a good healthy goal is to make no more than 10% of your daily calorie intake be junk. With this guide line in mind I am setting my goal at a max. of 200 calories in a day in sweets 6 days a week, and one big 400 to 500 calorie splurge day per week (because I got to have ice-cream sometimes ).

As I stated above I bombed in this goal. I am going to change to focus from 200 calories to ONE small sweet treat per day. For example I can have the ice-cream cone but it needs to be the kid size.

4. July-August: More Fruit & Veggies

Goal: I am going to aim for at least one serving of fruit or veggies with breakfast and my afternoon snack, a big salad a day, and at least 2 servings of fruit or veggies with the meal that isn’t a salad.

I am so glad I set this goal for these months as local fresh fruit and veggies are everywhere.

5. September-October: Better Eating Out Choices

Goal: Use my Lose it App to help me make better healthy eating out choices. Choices that are not only lower in calories but higher in nutrition. This means keeping buffet eating to one plate. This means choosing the salad (hold the dressing) over the burger and fries. This means choosing water over pop, even with the fast food value meal.

While my husband and I were in Jamaica in an all inclusive resort with buffet breakfasts and dinners I have to say I actually ate pretty good. I did stick to one plate and I did for the most part make wise decisions.

6. November-December: Wiser Celebration Eating

Goal: I want to stick to one plate for the meal, one sweet treat per event, and water to drink. Sure this might mean I still am over on calories for the day, but it sure will be a lot less calories than I am consuming at parties now.

I am doing better with one plate of main course but not so good with the one treat and only water. I am however having just one glass of pop per event. Progress is progress right?

Did you set any goals this year to eat better? If so how are you doing with them?

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  1. Good for you. I’ve had to be eating better since I have several chronic illnesses. I’m gluten and dairy free but also watch my sugar/carbs. I have a small stomach so portion control wasn’t an issues for me. But now I CRAVE chocolate so I’m struggling with that.

  2. There are all great tips dear Victoria!
    I do a similar ‘habits’, I try to drink 2L of water every day no mater what! It’s hard sometimes because I feel like I could live one whole day without drinking anything, but I force myself.
    There is a trick with small portions, always try to eat from smaller plates, it did the trick for me 🙂

    Betty | Inspiremeand

    • Victoria says:

      That reminds me! I use to eat off side plates when I lost weight before. Might have to try that again. Thanks Betty!

  3. Wow – I’ve certainly broken down my healthy goals smaller – but this is so wonderful doing and adding new things to include month to month! Great idea!

    • Victoria says:

      Yes they felt small when I set them but are seeming much bigger now that I am working on accomplishing them.

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