4 I wills that will help you have a more relaxing week


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4 I wills that will help you have a more relaxing week

 Are you making time for you even when it seems like there isn’t any time?

I am an easily overwhelmed person. I don’t do well with constant activity and change. It wears me out. It doesn’t take long for over activity to start stripping away at my health spiritually, mentally and physically.

So how does an easily overwhelmed person survive in this go, go, go world.

We make time for ourselves to relax and refuel even when there doesn’t seem to be any.

4 I wills that will help you have a more relaxing week

This week for instance is cram packed. There isn’t a day without something on the schedule. There are few days where I need to be out of the house more than once, driving a child to this or that, even though we have a 1 activity at a time rule in our home. So how will I do I plan to make this week relaxing? By following 4 key principles.

I will sneak in some me time

I will make sure I have a good book with me when my son has his soccer practice and instead of rushing around doing errands or siting in the car doing work I will make myself comfortable and read for an hour and a half. I keep a pillow and a blanket in my SUV to make my reading times more comfy. I have also been known to put down the back seats and lay down and take a nap back there.

I will say no

I will say no to myself when the late night TV show seems really interesting and get to bed on time instead because I know sleep is what my body needs more than TV. I will say no to others. Saying no to others is harder than saying no to myself, but experience has taught me it is better to say no than to do a horrible job of whatever they wanted me to do because I truly did not have the time and energy the project needed.

I will beat a busy day at its own game

Before my busy day has a chance to take over I am going to do what I need to do to get through it in the right spirit. I am going to get up early and read my bible, pray and workout usually all before breakfast.

I will let things slide

My home does not look like I would love it to look, yet over the years I have learn to be okay with that. I am okay with a pile here or there because I know if I spent energy on them I would have less energy to give more important things in my life, like my health, and my relationships with those I love.

Now It Is Your Turn

I encourage you to do the same. Look at your week ahead and find some time for you. Perhaps it is a short run while your child is at a practice, or a cup of tea and a magazine enjoyed while your little one naps.

Say no to self and others. We all have bad habits that feel like they simply ways to relax but later we realize they just drained us by causing us to lose sleep or having to skip an activity that would have recharged us even more. There are also very few who say no to others enough, but it is necessary. What helps me say no is reminding myself, I won’t be doing the person asking the favor any favor at all if I don’t truly have the time or energy to do it well.

Beat your busy day to the start line and wake up before it starts. Use this  time to do something you find refueling. The time doesn’t have to be long 30 minutes will do.

And finally let things slide. It is okay if laundry stays unfolded for 24 hrs now and again (even if it does seem to remain unfolded more than folded). It is okay to let the dishes sit for a few minutes while you play a board game with the family. It is okay that left the dusting undone so you could squeeze in a walk with a friend.

May you find time this week to relax despite what your calendar and life throws at you.

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