4 Of My Families Favorite Bread Machine Recipes


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Considering I have been talking about my trim healthy mama eating the last two days today’s post seems kind of  ironic, since you don’t eat much bread at all on THM. However, my family isn’t eating THM just me and we all love our bread machine recipes so much that I doubt even I could give them up entirely , say hello to an occasional cheat meal of bread machine pizza.

4 of my families favorite bread machine recipes

We have been using our bread machines (yes we have 2)  regularly now for  over 8 years. In that time we have tried out a lot of different recipes some we have loved and those are on my Bread Machine Tips board, others we tossed completely and those that I am talking about today are the ones we tweaked to make our own.

4 Bread Machine Recipes My Family Loves

bread machine stuffed pizza bread (medium)

1. Bread Machine Stuffed Pizza Bread

Bread Machine Stuffed Pizza Bread were simple pizza pockets but they took to long to roll out so I made one long loaf out of it one day and renamed the recipe. The possibilities are endless with these, you can do just peperoni and cheese, or chicken with cheese and broccoli, or use up whatever odds and ends you have in your fridge and create your own pocket.

Jack's Bread Bread Machine White Bread (medium)2. Jack’s Bread: Bread Machine White Bread

Jack’s bread is a favorite with a bowl of crock pot beef stew around our house. It of course is served warm and smothered in butter.

bread machine pizza3. Bread Machine Pizza Dough

My husband makes amazing pizza using our recipe for bread machine pizza dough. He is always playing around with the toppings. Recently I treated him to a cast iron pizza pan from Zulily. I didn’t think his pizza could get better, but that cast iron pan made the crust even more amazing.

bread machine hamburger buns (medium)

4. Bread Machine Hamburger Buns

These Bread Machine Hamburger Buns are a favorite of my middle child. After perfecting the recipe, I just can’t handle store bought rolls anymore. They are also good for sandwiches.

For more bread machine recipes follow my Bread Machine Recipes board on Pinterest.

popular posts bread-machine-recipes-and-tipsFor a complete listing of all our favorite bread machine recipes around the web and on the blog check out my Bread Machine Recipe & Tips page.

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