2015 Goal Update


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goals for 2015This year I am updating you on my goals the first Monday of every month to hope that having to tell you how I am doing each month will keep me more on track to reaching each and every one this year.  You can view my goals in detail here.

10 Goals For 2015

My Mind

1. Read 52 books this year. 

I read  5 books in January.

My Health

Make A Fitness Goal For This YearHow to set and track a yearly milage goal (med)2. 1200 Miles Ran in 2015

WOW running 100 miles month requires a lot of discipline but I did it! In fact I ran 106 miles total. Some miles were walked but I was okay with that as when I made the goal I told myself I could walk 25% if needed.

3. Take an overnight, multi-day bike ride trip with my son

This goal won’t take place until late spring, but I am doing all I can right now to make sure I get my doctor’s okay, since she is the one who highly recommended I cancel this trip last year which was hard for me; I don’t like being a mom that backs out of plans with my kids.

6 habits to form this year for healthier eating creating good eating habits one inch at a time (med)4. Take six small steps over the year to build better eating habits

The plans for this challenge is to practice a new healthy habit every 2 months until it becomes engrained. January I concentrated on charting calories. I haven’t being doing as well as I hoped on this challenge charting probably on average 4 days out of the week. But it is making a difference in how I eat. I find myself being more mindful about what I am putting in my mouth.

My Marriage

5. 1 real date a month with my hubby each and every month

In January my husband and I attended the RV show together in Indy. We had a lot of fun checking out all the RV’s from the ones not much bigger than a tent to the ones almost as big as our first home as a married couple.

6. 1 weekend getaway per season just the 2 of us.

There just wasn’t a good weekend for us to get away for our winter getaway in January and I don’t see it happening in February either so hopefully early March; after all it is not officially spring until late March.

My Home

52 Weeks To A Simplified Home Decluttering A Home One Inch At A Time (med)

7. Declutter one area of my home each and every week of the year.

I am so glad with all the people who are joining in and decluttering their homes one inch at a time with me. There are currently over 50 people in the Snail Pacing Goal Achievers facebook group and although I made it clear in the description that it was a place for all those working on any goal the majority are in there discussing what they are decluttering and getting cheers and encouragement from others.

I finished the Library room over the month of January and I cannot believe how much larger the room feels; and so it should with 4 boxes off stuff out of it.

My Business

8. Write a 30,000 word ebook.

This is one goal I really have not made much headway on. I asked those who follow me on Facebook, what they would like to see me write about and those that did take time to respond mentioned the same topic I was thinking of writing on, so I guess I know for sure the topic now but that is all.

My Spirit

9. Do a word study in the bible  of the words, discipline, diligence and self control.

I finished studying discipline since I actually started studying it in late November. I am now studying the word diligence.

My Wow Goal

10. I like keeping my wow goal very private as it is so dear to my heart. It is just as big as last year if not bigger.

I feel like I am making good headway in making sure that I meet at least 1 of the 2 parts of my wow goal this year. I need to take more action if I am to reach the second part.

If you find yourself constantly making goals but never pursuing them or reaching them, I recommend reading 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life. An ebook by Crystal Paine that will help you break down your goals and develop the discipline to reach them.

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  1. Your running goal is so impressive, way to go! I am using your idea to put pennies in a jar for each mile I run 🙂

    • I am surprised by just how motivating I find the whole penny thing. I now text my friend who gave me the idea a “plink, plink….(plink repeated as many miles as I run) every time I finish a run to represent the sound of my throwing my pennies in the jar and it is motivating her to stay on track with me.

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