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10 Tips For Successfully Selling On eBay

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Stacks of boxes ready to be mailed is a common site around are home  from late May till late July. After I have sold what I can of the homeschooling curriculum we no longer need at second hand curriculum sales and I start listing  what is left on eBay.

10 Tips For Successfully Selling On eBay

I know there are a lot of homeschoolers out there that buy their curriculum long before then, but I still get a lot sales on eBay from the wait until the last minute crowd. Recently I have listed my books as late as the week before Labor day and still had great returns on my time spent.

eBay of course sells way more than just homeschooling curriculum and in the past I have sold every thing from toys, kitchen items and books.

In order to sell on eBay you first need to open an account. I find eBay to be an extremely user friendly system. Simply click on the register button and follow the directions.

Selling your item is easy just follow the step by step instructions that eBay provides. However, I do suggest doing a few of the following things to provide you with the best eBay experience.

Ten Tips For Successful Sales on eBay

1. Read up on the topic

If you are going to sell a lot of items on eBay read a few books on the topic.  I have read an older edition of eBay for Dummies, as well as the original, The Complete Idiots Guide to eBay, both were very simple to understand and provided me with tips to sell my items  at a higher rate of return.

2. Take good pictures

Try experimenting with light, and backgrounds to get the most accurate picture of you items. For books I like laying them on my laminate floors. For toys I drape either a dark or light table cloth behind them to help accent them and often bring in a desk light to help light the area better. You might even find you get the best light by taking your items outdoors.

3. Make sure you clean up you item the best you can

Dark marks on Lego can often be removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol followed by a rinse under water. Little tikes toys clean up well with a soft scrub cleanser. Over time you will discover all kinds of tips to clean up your items.

For more tips on preparing your items for sale check out …

How To Prepare Your Items For Resale So You Get Top Dollar

4. Do a bit of research and know the value of your item

You can do this by searching the sold listing area of eBay which is found in the side bar of options when searching for items.

5. Do an auction with a buy it now option

Start the auction at about 20 to 30% less than the average sale price of your item on eBay. Set your buy it now price at the high end of the average sale price of your item. This allows for the I just want it now type buyer to snatch up your item, and for the if I wait I might get more of a deal, buyer to both be included in the sale.

6. Allow your buyers several options for shipping

Rarely do I do a flat shipping rate, to me I feel like it can anger buyers if set too high. Instead I let the buyers decide what type of shipping they want. If my item is sure to grab me a high profit  I often offer free shipping.

7. Be extremely accurate with your the description of your item.

It pays to even down play the shape of your item. There are always people more picky than you out there who will think that you described your item unfairly. If you have down played the condition of your item, you will not have complaints but instead praises.

8. Describe all the details

Add measurements of your item in the description box, as well as number of pieces, colors, or anything else that might be applicable to the sale of your item.

9. If you are going to accept returns make sure you have a stated return policy

I generally do not accept returns and have had  no problem making sales without accepting them. I am extremely accurate in my pictures and details so that the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.

10 . Make sure that you are prompt in sending out your item as soon it is paid in full.

I try to wait no longer than 48 hours.

Bonus Tip: look in the sellers section of eBay for additional tips for selling.

Are you an eBay seller? Do you have any tips to add?

Want more tips on ways to sell you unwanted items? Check out my Reselling Tips Page which is cram packed with links to articles to help you sell your items wherever you want–yard sales, Craigslist, Facebook and more.

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Daily Life Captured: Random photos of our week

My hubby got himself a new lawn mower this week. Apparently it has all sorts of features his other one didn’t have, but don’t ask me to list them for you. When he talks lawn mowers, my mind wanders, just as his does when I talk deal shopping.

On my way out the door one afternoon I found a tea party all set up on our back porch. I don’t know how many years I will have left to enjoy such sites (she is 9 now) so I grabbed an Instagram picture with my i-touch for memory sake.

I woke up Wednesday Morning to these freshly picked flowers from my hubby. Crazy guy went out in our yard with a flashlight and scissors at midnight, after he got off work, to surprise me in the morning with them. I love him! I returned the favor by making sure he went off to work with freshly homemade still warm from the oven banana bread this morning.

I am not sure if it was my husband or one of the kids who thought of this idea. But, the no longer needed stepping stool in the upstairs bathroom is now a book stand.

I have been working on this locker hooked table runner since January. After 6 years of locker hooking  dozens of pieces I am actually going to keep one. I am hoping wanting to show case my work in my home will help me keep the spare table in the dining room decluttered.

While locker hooking and coupon cutting I caught up on my favorite show; Biggest Loser. I laughed so hard this week at Conda’s brothers attempt at cooking for the judges.This happens so rarely in our house. I managed to get rid of all the clutter piles in our upstairs hallway.

How about you? What have you been up to this week?

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Project Simplify Week 4:Random Piles of Clutter

This is the last week of Project Simplify. I am definitely noticing a difference around our home. My clutter piles are  vastly decreased. I am still inching forward, and I am sure that I will experience some inching back, but for now I am thrilled with the results.

I set out to attack three hot spot areas of clutter in our home this week.

The first being our office supply area, where we keep the supplies needed for homeschooling.

The second was the top of the dresser in our dining room that holds all our incoming bills and my running gadgets.

The third and final pile I attacked this week was in the upstairs hallway. It was mostly made of up totes we used to pack for our vacation to Disney World. Sadly however, we have been home from Florida for over a month and they were still in the hallway.

While I was out for 3 hour and 36 minute marathon training run, my husband decided to surprise me by doing some house work that I had planned to do later that day. One area he tidied was the office area, so I painlessly crossed that area off my list.

I spent about 45 minutes one evening taming the top of the dresser in the dining room. I found a metal container not being used in another area of our home and used it for incoming bills. That freed up one side of the double sided basket for my son’s running accessories (watch, cell phone etc.) and the other side for mine. I then gave the bigger square basket a good clean out getting rid of old kids art, expired coupons, no longer needed flyers, and junk mail. Thursday I spent around 30 minutes, taking the empty totes down to the craft closet and refilling them with the craft supplies and my birthday gift stash that they originally held before we used them for vacation.

Putting those things back in totes made my storage closet go from looking like this……

To looking like this. It still could use a bit of work, but I am happy to see this much improvement for now. I am 100% satisfied with the improvement in the hallway. Remember last week it also had another huge stack of things. So to see it now completely empty, with an organized linen closet off of it and a completely decluttered and spring cleaned bathroom, makes it worth every minute I have spent this last month simplifying my home worth it.

How about you? Did you simplify any areas of your home  this week?

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