Why This Thrifty Woman Loves Zulily

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I first heard of Zulily through Crystal of Money Saving Mom. I figured if Crystal  liked it chances are I would like it too.

why this thrifty woman loves zulily

At first  I didn’t find things that I couldn’t buy for less elsewhere, and then several weeks later there was the day that they offered Birkenstock sandals for way less than my current source.

I became instantly in love with Zulily that day. I am one of those women with foot issues that make wearing $5 flip flops a big no no. I need shoes with support and those types of shoes are usually not inexpensive…..well at least not until I found out about Zulily.

Over the next few months Zulily  continued to win my heart with great deals on items I just don’t find on sale that often in stores near me.

4 Reasons This Thrifty Woman Loves Zulily

1. Great prices on quality brands.

Brands like Birkenstocks are often hard to find on sale, especially in the size and style you want. Zulily has also run sales on my favorite brand of running shoes Brooks,  as well as my two other favorite brands of sandals  boc and Crocs.

Those are just shoe brands though and Zulily sells way more than shoes. I have also gotten great deals on name brand high quality spanks (hey I have had 3 kids! my tummy needs more help than ab exercises), exercise wear, and even kitchen items.

chevron infinity scarf

2. Great prices on this seasons hottest items

For Christmas I asked for a chevron infinity scarf when I didn’t receive one I found one on Zulily for just $8.99 which was almost half the price of the one I had pointed out to my husband in a store in our town.

I have also seen  Zulily offer this seasons maxi skirts and bold statement necklaces for great prices.

coffee cup

3. More than just clothes

I recently ordered my pizza making husband a cast iron pizza pan off  Zulily for significantly less than other sources I had researched. I also ordered him a stainless steel travel coffee mug for Christmas this year from Zulily.

I have also seen Zulily sell phone accessories, organizing items, nail polish, make up and even dish soap.

4. Excellent referral program

You don’t need a blog to use Zulily’s referral program, it is as simple as hitting the Facebook share icon and sharing a sale with your friends on Facebook that you know they will love to hear about. Should your friends join and place an order, when their order is shipped you get a $15 credit. $15 is often enough grab an item free of charge including shipping.

A few cautions

As much as I love Zulily there are a few things I think all people should know before they start using the site.

1. Check the shipping rate before you purchase: Shipping varies on what you order and sometimes it can change a deal into hardly a deal at all. Most times even with shipping  items are still a good deal, but do check first before completing your order.

2. No returns on most items: Zulily does not accept returns on most items due to how their site works with companies to bring you deals however you can avoid wanting to return something in the fist place by following a few rules.

First only order items from brands you know and love, or that have great reviews online and you are 100% sure you will like it too (I open up a new browser window and see if I can find  the item  on Amazon so I can read the reviews there and compare prices).

Second make sure you know your size well or don’t order. For instance I know that I am a Birkenstock size 40 regardless of the shoe style, so I felt confident ordering, but when a sale on jeans came up I passed even though I knew it was a great brand  for a great price because I vary in size from an 8 to a size 12 depending on the cut of the jean.

By following the two cautions above Zulily has become one of my favorite sites for online deals on clothing, accessories, and even kitchen items.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow My Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

lug purseMy favorite Zulily find to date is this lug  wings day bag. I had not heard of lug until I saw it featured on Zulily. I looked it up on Amazon and was extremely pleased with the reviews. I needed a new spring/summer purse and wanted one that would last me several seasons. I found it ! This lug bag is made to last and has great added features like a expandable water bottle pocket on one side and plenty of storage pockets for everything I carry. Best part I got a compliment from the first friend that saw it. I am thinking about buying one in chocolate brown to use as my fall/winter purse, that is how much I like it.


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  1. Great tips! I love that site, but find shipping can be very expensive, so I have only ever bought something once from them, even though I check out the deals nearly every day! It’s great for name brand things, so if you are a brand girl you can save lots, but for me, I can usually find a comparable item somewhere else for less.
    They do often have really unique toys and gift ideas too!

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