Why I Think Swagbucks Is Worth It


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I think Swagbucks is worth it. Swagbucks has paid for many little splurges in our families life and I spend very little extra time on the program.

Why Swagbucks is worth it

Recently I received a comment on a post from a reader that was very dissatisfied with her personal Swagbucks Experience. She called Swagbucks a gimmick, and stated that the program was a string of long surveys with little payout.

I do agree that the surveys are very time consuming, which is why I personally do not do them, nor do I include them in any of my Swagbucks earning plans including

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These 5 plans above show people how to earn anywhere from $20 a month to as much as $75 a month and  not a single one include filling out surveys.

 Swagbucks is not a gimmick, it does provide a simple small source of monthly income for very little effort. Most earning opportunities are not time consuming, in fact most of the earning opportunities are things I would normally do every day for instance

1. I use Swagbucks toolbar for all my daily searches, instead of another search engines so that I can earn points randomly through out the day. Daily this costs me zero extra time.

2. When I shop online I make sure to enter my store of choice into the toolbar so that I can then click on the box that will track my spending and give me points for my earnings. Daily this costs me zero extra time.

3. I do by my daily deals through Swagbucks. This requires just one extra step that takes me under 30 seconds.

4. I do print coupons off the Swagbucks website. I don’t do this often but if I wasn’t printing them off Swagbucks I would be printing them else where so this requires zero extra time.

There are a few extra things I do to boost my earnings that take very little time

5. I do share what I earn from time to time with my Facebook friends (both now and before I had a blog). This takes under  30 seconds to click the button right the post and press send.

6. I do perform both the daily poll and the NOSO every day. This takes me just under or over a minute each day.

7. I do use the Swagbucks App. This takes me less than a minute to set up and then I glance at it from time to time to make sure it is still going.

8. I do takes less than 2 minutes a day to earn my daily Bing credits which I convert to Swagbucks.

The extra steps I take to earn Swagbucks on a regular basis add up to less than 5 minutes a day. Are my earnings worth 5 minutes a day, yes. We are a single income family on a tight budget, the amount I earn on Swagbucks increases our wiggle room.

So yes readers, Swagbucks is worth it, and no readers Swagbucks is not a gimmick, it is a point program that pays you to do things you normally do every day, as well as offer you options to spend more time on if you so desire.

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  1. With doing all of those things that take less than five minutes, how many Swagbucks do you earn on average each day?

    • Victoria says:

      It depends on the day, but I earn on average 17 points for daily searches. The NOSO gives me 2 points. The Daily poll gives me 1 point. The Swagbucks app. videos give me 50 points. So that is 70 Swagbucks, just from the basic sources. If I bought a daily deal, or shopped recently through Swagbucks, or it was bonus day pay out, all those things make my daily earnings much higher. Then I also convert my Bing Rewards to Swagbucks giving me at least another 500 points a month. All these things don’t take long and really start to add up points.

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