Why I No Long Hate Waiting In Line


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Why I no longer hate waiting in line

I use to hate waiting in lines. I have so much to do in a day, I don’t have time for lines. I am an introvert so I don’t strike up conversations to pass the time unless I feel really convicted that I should.

I would try my best to avoid having to wait in line.  I would leave early for the bank.  I would grocery shop while others were mostly at work or at school. I would avoid the post office right when it opens and at lunch hour and right before it closes, but still I had lines to wait in now and again.

Then I started my challenge to read 24 books this year which grew into a challenge to read 75. While brainstorming how I could fit just a few more minutes of reading into my day, it hit me, I could start reading in lines.

I am not talking about dragging a paperback book or the family iPad everywhere I go with hopes of fitting in a few moments of reading. That would be awkward and heavy. Instead what I do is keep my kindle app.  on my  iPod (because I don’t own a smartphone) filled with a few free titles scored from one of my favorite sources for free ebooks.

I will admit sometimes I start a free ebook pick and go “oh my I can see why this was free” and then I stop reading it. However, more often than not I find that I really enjoy the free titles. Currently I am reading “Becoming A Frugalista ” and  I am discovering a lot of website resources for saving money that I have not heard of before.

I have also enjoyed titles such as “10 Ways to Be A Better Learner” and  “If You Can’t Fail It Doesn’t Count” . These titles were read entirely off my iPod while waiting in lines, or for my exercise class to begin, or for a friend to show up to begin a run.

Now instead of dreading lines, and time spent waiting, I embrace them with a smile and whip out my iPod and start reading. Sometimes, I am even sorry to see the line dissipate so quickly as I find myself wanting to read just a page or two more.

What do you do while waiting in line?

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