Who On Earth Is She And How Do I Get Rid Of Her?

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There is this woman that keeps showing up at my house. First it was every 28 days or so, but now she is showing up as often as every 21 days and sometimes even more often than that.

She rages! She cries! She has annoyingly high energy–or she needs daily naps. She shovels down chocolate and sweets at an alarming speed.

I don’t like her and I want to get rid of her.

Are you being visited by an unknown woman each month?

Who is she?

That woman is me. It all started around the time I hit 40.

I started noticing first that my periods were getting closer together.

Then my PMS related mood swings went from fairly controllable to lock-me-in-a-room-and-don’t-let-me-out-until-this-week-of-insanity-is-over.

I went from shedding the odd tear on “that day” in my cycle to bawling over the littlest things–like cartoon characters whose parents seem absent. Seriously, where are Max and Ruby’s parents? Don’t they see that they are stealing Ruby’s childhood by having her care for Max all the time?

I went from wanting a chocolate bar to eating a chocolate bar followed by 3–okay maybe 4–cookies and washing it down with a Polar pop–not kidding. (Oh and just in case you are not from Indiana, a Polar pop is a pop/soda/coke that you pour by yourself into a foam cup at the gas station–I know, classy!)

So far I have put on miraculously only 10 pounds since I hit 40, but those 10 pounds are not budging and yes, I know the above confession probably has a lot to do with it.

I try counting calories and I do well until “that week” hits and then bam! It is like an alien comes out of me, goes on a sugar rage, and then retreats inside again leaving me to deal with the mess.

I see the scale swing up and down like my moods. Up 3 pounds, down 2 pounds, up 1 pound, down ½ a pound, up 2 pounds, down 3 pounds.

I am staying a steady weight, although it is about 20 pounds higher than I feel my healthiest at. Who knows how long that will last, though. Surely my body can’t put up with a once every 3 weeks diet of sugar and carbs followed by 2 weeks of good eating forever.

This post might be a bit TMI for some readers and for that I am sorry–but what I am hoping is that I will find out I am not the only one.

Please tell me I am not the only one!

What I plan to do about it

As much as I hate to admit it, I know that my female hormones have a lot to  do with “the her” that is disrupting my life every 21 days or less now.

I have always been one of those woman who hates blaming PMS or hormones for their behavior, thinking that self control mixed with self discipline should be enough–but it isn’t anymore.

If I am going to rid myself of this alien woman I truly believe I need to become better armed and I fully intend to do that.

Which is why I intend to start researching what might help. When I find something I will share it here!

Can you help me? Have you found something that has helped? Help a girl out and spill it in the comments below!








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  1. Evening Primrose Oil has helped me tremendously.

  2. I am 30 and have dealt with major hormonal shifts and moods swings around that time of the month since my lovely friend joined me when I was 12. I think I will try the primrose oil suggestion too. Anything to help ward off the crazy I deal with one week every month. Actually if I’m being honest it’s more like 2 weeks, the few days before and few days after my cycle aren’t that enjoyable either. 😉

  3. Linda Sudano says:

    You are premenopausal. Don’t drink alcohol and take a low dose Wellbutrin (150). You will be better than before. Promise.

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