Weekly Fitness and Life Goals:May 21 to 27


A lot of goals were left undone this week, mostly because I haven’t felt at my best the last few days.

I  seem to have caught some sort of mild cold, as my ear has been aching for days and so has my throat. I am still well enough to do things, but I am certainly not plowing through my days, instead I am slowly strolling.

Which brings me to my advice for energy drained days. I have suffered with being border line anemic all my life. My iron levels are rarely ever within normal range. I also have developed low thyroid issues. Both of these health problems lead to low energy days, even with medication and supplements.

When my iron and thyroid levels get out of whack, I have discovered the best way to keep inching forward with my goals is to switch gears.

When I am feeling low energy, instead of completely giving up on my goals I alter the plan. I make up a list of goals and to dos I can do from the couch that don’t require much energy or thought.

I clip coupons, empty e-mails boxes,send photo’s electronically to be printed and picked up later, finish up ends on knitting projects and go through magazines tearing out recipes for my “To Try” recipe binder.

Doing these things leads me to feeling less discouraged over being low energy, and helps me to inch forward even when I am not at 100% energy levels.

Now lets take a look at what I did get done last week and what I plan to do this week.

Last weeks Goals

1. Make up 8 mile run today.  Later in week do a 6 mile run and a 9 mile run. (ran a 4.5 mile instead of 6, and never did get out for the 9 mile)
2. Do 1 strength class with 15 pound kettle bell, second with 10 pound.
3. Get in one 50 lengths of pool swim.
4. Bring bike to repair shop, so I can get out riding again.
Housekeeping Goals
1. Spend 1 hour researching prices for curriculum sale items.
2. Plan out our summer school session days.
1. get the tassels done on my big project.
2. finish reading one book.
Blog Goals
1. Figure out how to do a sidebar bio post with my picture in it.
2. Clear out a solid 3 to 4 hour block of time to work on my e-book.

This Weeks Goals


1. Run 3.5  miles with son (I am slowly building up his long run hoping that he will hit 6 miles by fall). Run 6 and Run 9.

2. Do 2 strength sessions

3. Swim 60 lengths. Bike 1 hour.


4. Get tassels on my big project

5. purchase a new needle for my sewing machine (its not working well and I am trying to trouble shoot)

6. Spend 1 hour listing on eBay


7. Spend an hour a day for 5 days reading.

8. Get back to sensible eating (being eating junky all weekend and I am feeling it)

Blog Goals

9. Carve out a 2 to 3 hour block to work on e-book.

10. Carve out a 1 to 2 hour block of time to continue reading through the archives of Blogging With Amy.  (my long term goal is to read all her posts)

What are your goals this week?



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