Weekly Fitness and Life Goals: July 30 to August 5


I am in the midst of training for my 4th marathon, with a dear friend who is training for her first marathon.

This past weekend that friend and I ran 16 miles together.

During the run my friend expressed doubt about being able to make it the whole 26.2 miles. Her doubt reminded me of how setting small goals within a large goal can spur one on to the finish line.

When I am in the midst of the marathon, I don’t concentrate on the 26.2 finish line, at least not at first. First I concentrate on making it to the 6 mile mark, then the half way mark, then as I progress my goals get smaller, run to the next water stop, walk to the stop sign, run to next telephone pole, on and on go the small goals until I see it, I see that finish line, and then I muster up all the energy I have left and push through the finish line.

Those same principles can be followed in life, if you struggling with a large goal, stop looking at the finish line, break it down into what you can see now. Then when that’s done set another small goal, and pretty soon with a bit of perseverance you will cross your finish line.

Goals for Last Week
1. 6.5 miles, 6.5 miles, 16 miles
Swim, Bike, Strength,
2.  Bike 1 hour, Strength 1 hr class
3. Do touch up paint in bathroom.
4. Finally finish Unstuck, read My stubborn Heart
5. Freeze green beans I bought at Farmers Market
6. Find a box worth of stuff each night to donate the next day to the M.O.P.S. yard sale (dropped off 2 boxes not 5 like I wanted)
7. Work on e-book each day as daughter attends art camp
8. Spend 1 hour reading Blogging with Amy’s archives over the weekend
9. Enjoy lunch with a friend I have not seen in a long time
10. Listen to Audio Bible App. Daily (most days but not all)


Goals for This Week


1. Run 10 miles, Run 7.5 miles

2. Run in a 5K race on Saturday with my son and friends. (secretly hoping to beat my best time, but the heat probably will not allow for this to happen)

Swimming, Biking, Strength Training,

3. Swim 50 lengths of the pool,

4. Bike 1 hour

3. Attend 1 strength training class

(I have a few summer type events planned for the kids so I am cutting back a bit on workouts this week to make room)


4. Read  Touching the Sky and Relentless Pursuit

5. Touch up bathroom paint

6. Work on organizing the kids school books for the school year (We plan to start August 13th)

7. Get back to my “Money Saving Mom Inspired Cleaning Schedule”  (Last week with long days out of the house I put it on the back burner and it shows)


8. One more hour of Blogging with Amy’s Archives, I left of last week at Part 6 of why Amy turned down a book deal. I learned a lot about the world of publishing.

9. Organize my recipes into a recipe menu tab that has logical categories


10. Special Date night with the hubby.



  1. Thank you! I needed this!

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