Ways To Exercise The Body And Mind At The Same Time: Outdoor Edition


outdoor edition body and mind

A few weeks ago I gave tips that I have used to gain 3 hours of reading time during my workouts over the winter. Now that winter is finally over here are a few ways to exercise the body and mind at the same time that I will use to continue reading more books is 2013.

Ways to Exercise The Body and Mind At The Same Time During Outdoor workouts

Safety Statement: I only listen to my mp3 player while running, and only with one ear bud in so that I am aware of what is going on around me. I do not use my mp3 player while biking.

1. Free Sources of Audio Book Downloads

I know of a few sources of free audio book downloads but most are for classics that I cannot imagine concentrating on while trying to maneuver traffic and sidewalk cracks. However there are a few less heavy titles that available from these sources.

2. Borrowing books from the libraries play away series

My local library has a small collection of what they call “play away” books. They are just slightly larger than my favorite mp3 player, and they contain the audio version of just one book.

The problem is they don’t have a clip attached to them, but I think they would be small enough to slid in the pouch on my runners belt.

3. Use Paperbackswap for books on CD

Paperbackswap is an excellent resource of books on CD. What I do is trade our paperback books for credits and then pick out a book on CD. It takes 2 paperback book credits to purchase 1 book on CD but I think it is worth it since books on CD are generally harder to find at yard sales than paperbacks and are also more expensive than paperbacks.

Once I receive my book on CD in the mail I can upload it to my mp3 player to listen to during my runs.

Truth be told I will probably only listen to audio books during one run a week, as I run once with a friend, and I  am exercising more and more  outdoors with my children biking or running beside me. However I think listening to an audio book during one run a week will help me stick to an easy run day, and exercise my mind and body at the same time.

Do you ever listen to audio books during your outdoor  workouts? If so where do you get yours?

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