All I Want For Christmas Is An Organized Home: The Dining Room


dining room beforeAbove is what my dining room looked like Tuesday at 10 a.m.. With only a 2 hour window available in my day to clean it I have to admit my perfectionist side said  “forget it, there is no way I can deep clean this in 2 hours”. However, I let my improvement is better than nothing side win and was diligent and stayed focused on my goal of a clean and organized home by Christmas

I might not have been able to deep clean to perfection, but in 2 hours I got it looking a whole lot better.

dinning room afterIn 2 hours I got the main surfaces decluttered, all the base boards whipped down,the worst spots on the walls cleaned, cleaned behind all but one piece of furniture, got the floors swept and spot mopped and completely dusted the room.

Yes, my perfectionist side knows that the light fixture did not get cleaned, the items in the china cabinets did not get dusted, the curtains did not get cleaned, and there is that one piece of furniture that has who knows what lurking behind it; but my inching forward is better than nothing side is extremely pleased.

Oh, and if you are wondering why I left the puzzle and other things on the dining room table, well it was a school day so most of those items are school books. The puzzle is a new Christmas tradition I decided to start this year. My daughter loves puzzles so I thought each year I could challenge her with a huge Christmas themed puzzle that we could work on together.

What I did not think about was that puzzles that large sometimes take days if not weeks to put together when you do them a little here and there. I am thinking we could transfer the puzzle  to a card table. I just don’t know exactly where I would fit a folding card table considering I had to rearrange the entire library just to fit in the huge tree my family decided to cut this year (9 feet tall and so wide it  all 5 of us could barely hold hands around it).

My take away from cleaning the dining room in 2 hours: Don’t let perfectionism keep you from inching forward because any forward movement is better than no movement at all.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)




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