Tyndale Rewards: Earn Free Books For Your Home Library

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I love books! My budget for books however is extremely limited, making me very creative when it comes to feeding my passion.

One newly discovered source of free books has me shouting from the mountain tops (well okay not literally because I do live in corn country).

Since I can’t actually shout from a mountain top I am going to share it here on my blog: I am in love with Tyndale Rewards!

how to earn free books with tyndale rewards

Tyndale Rewards is a point rewards program for book lovers. Books start at as little as 30 points for a children’s book to as much as 250 points for a bible. The average points needed for the majority of their books is around 100 points.

Here are 9 ways to earn Tyndale Rewards

1.Sign up through the links in this article and receive and automatic 25 points

2. Invite your friends to join using the links Tyndale Rewards gives you and receive 10 points per friend who enrolls.

3. Take a bible survey and receive 15 points (survey ops. will vary from time to time)

4. Subscribe to an e-newsletter or e-devotional and receive 10 points

5. Join the focus group and receive 25 points every time you are chosen and reply

6. Complete the e-reader survey and receive 1o points (survey ops. will vary from time to time)

7. Join the birthday club and receive 15 points

8. Review a Tyndale product and receive 10 points

9. Share Tyndale rewards on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog and submit the link and receive 10 points (up to 50 points per month/ 5 shares)


go big

How To Earn A Book The Very Same Day You Sign Up

When I joined Tyndale Rewards I started with just 25 points, I quickly joined the birthday club (15 points), completed the bible survey (15 points), completed the ereader survey (15 points), subscribed to a e-devotional (10 points) and shared it on my Facebook page (10 points) and that gave me the 90 points I needed to order my first book (pictured above) on the very same day I signed up.

There is no shipping or handling costs involved the book was 100% free, and I plan to review it on  Amazon after I read it to collect another 10 points.


One of my favorite Tyndale Reward scores of all time the Inspire Bible with scriptures and pictures to color!

How to earn a free book every month or so with Tyndale Rewards

Share to your personal Facebook page and Twitter account 5 times a month = 50 points

Review the previous months earned  Tyndale Rewards book on Amazon= 10 points

See details in the “earn” section of Tyndale rewards on how to submit your links to get your points

Total points earned in a average month : 60 points

Most fiction books are between 65 to 75 points, nonfiction starts at 45 points and go up to 125 points, and bibles begin at 50 and go up to 250 .That means you should be able to easily earn 1 free fiction book a month. If you earned 60 points a month then you could potentially earn at least one book every other month, or quicker depending on how many points the book you want is.

This example does not include any friend credits you might receive as well as the occasional new surveys that pop up from time to time and are worth 10 to 25 points. Plus you can review up to 5 Tyndale books a month and it is my understanding that they don’t have to be books you earned from Tyndale rewards–library books count as long as they are published by Tyndale.

If you are a bookworm like me what are you waiting for go here and  join Tyndale Rewards Today!

 Love books and looking for ways to save money on them? Follow my Books board on Pinterest, where I share my favorite books and ways to save money on them.


I was able to trade Tyndale Reward points for Inspire: Psalms and give it to a friend as a birthday gift.


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  1. Christy C. says:

    Thank you! I just signed up and was able to get 75 points so far. I ordered my first book, The First Gardener by Denise Hildreth Jones. Thanks again!

    • Victoria says:

      Your welcome! I love helping others get free books. Don’t forget to review the book on Amazon when you have read it and then post the URL of the review to Tyndale Rewards for points (you can do this with any Tyndale book, it doesn’t have to be one from the program).

  2. Are all the books Christian-based?

  3. I love to read “Amish” books do they have them on this site?

    • I don’t remember seeing an Amish book on Tyndale rewards but I can’t say it couldn’t happen. Check and see what the publishers are for your favorite Amish authors, if they are Tyndale perhaps there might me a chance in the featured area where they offer a new book by various authors and genres until it is sold out.


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