My Top 5 Housekeeping Posts

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Top 5 house cleaning postsThe fact that I have housekeeping posts that are actually high up in numbers for a blog of my size makes my husband giggle. I am by no means a cleaning expert. In fact I HATE to clean (and putting that word in all caps is still not strong enough to match my hate).

Yet, perhaps it is my detest of cleaning that has made me fairly effective in minimizing cleaning and speeding it up. Oh I am still far from perfect but I have learned a trick or two that help make the cleaning go faster and need done less.

Here are my 5 top house cleaning posts

How to purge a wardrobe

1. Simplifying My Wardrobe

Main point of this post on purging your wardrobe  is that sometimes you just have to stop putting the job off and just dive in.

How to catch up on housework fast when you get behind

2. How To Catch Up On Housework Fast When You Get Behind

Sometimes life just gets in the way and clutter and dirt start taking over, do not fear you can catch up fast.

10-ways-to-tame-clutter3. 10 Ways To Tame Clutter

Clutter attracts to me like dog hair on a new couch. Over the years I have stumbled upon tips to tame it so that it can have its place but not take over.

tips for pouring and storing homemade laundry detergent4.  Storing My Homemade Laundry Soap

Homemade laundry soap is a great way to save money. My recipe makes several gallons of soap at once here is how I store it.

cleaning your oven naturally5. Trying To Clean The Oven Naturally

Remember I detest cleaning and sometimes that means I put a job off for way too long. I also love using natural cleaners but people tell me all the time they are not effective on really dirty projects. This post on 3 natural cleaners I tried on my stove, proves that  as long as you are willing to use some elbow grease, and keep trying different natural solutions until you find the right ones that work for you, natural products are highly effective.

Want more cleaning and organizing tips follow my organization board or my how to clean tips board on Pinterest.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)

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