Top 10 Reasons To Keep Clutter

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Top 10 reasons to keep clutterThese Top Ten Reasons To Keep Clutter, are something that I wrote in one of my Clutter Busting updates in May, but I think they need a post all to themselves. That way I can pin them to my Organization board on Pinterest to read whenever I am clinging to clutter instead of tossing it.

Top Ten Reasons To Keep Clutter

1. It might make you famous someday when the cast and crew of Hoarders comes to your door.

2. Mice are one of God’s creatures so it seems rather Christian of us to provide them with plenty of nest building materials.

3. That large heap of odds and ends in the backyard gives the neighbors plenty to talk about.

4. Having the garage too filled to park the vehicles in it during a snowy winter guarantees you get some exercise shoveling snow.

5. Keeping the guest room full of things you no longer use means no strange relatives can camp out at your house for long periods of time.

6. Your children love play places so why not create an obstacle course for them right in your own home.

7. My personal favorite: It is not clutter it is homey piles that guarantee that your home will never feel too sterile.

8. You are being green and reducing your carbon foot print by avoiding placing it in the landfill.

9.  If you let it sit there long enough it will become an antique and make you rich.

10. You really will use it one day despite what all the experts say. After all dozens of red mesh orange bags and empty vinegar bottles (enter your stash item of choice… here…) are so valuable and hard to come by.

Seriously though don’t keep clutter! Toss it. Unless you really do want your 15 minutes of fame to be clutter related (or however long an episode of Hoarder is).

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