Time Management Tip 19: Timer Magic


How using a timer can motivate you to clean fasterWe all have those things around the home we just hate to do. For me it is cleaning the bathrooms. I use to put it off, and waste time feeling guilty about it, and then I would need to spend more time scrubbing it when I finally did do it.

Then came Money Saving Mom’s “4 Weeks to A More Organized Home” series. Each week she said set your timer for 15 minutes and clean your bathroom.

15 minutes! That’s it! To my surprise that was it. The first week it did take me all 15 minutes but after 4 weeks of regular cleaning, my bathroom can now be cleaned from top to bottom and windows too in under 15 minutes.

I discovered the laundry I loath to put away takes under 5 minutes per basket.Now that I know that I grab a small window and do it.

Another timer trick I love, is what I call the “5 minutes until the visitor arrives tidy”. I set my timer for 5 minutes and attack one room. I work at a brisk pace clearing clutter, tossing garbage and wiping away visible dirt and dust. When the timer goes off the room isn’t perfect but presentable.¬† I then attack the next room with the same “company is coming” mode of thinking.

On days I have no energy and want  to give in and rest. I make myself a deal, for every 45 minutes of reading, I will spend 15 minutes cleaning one room. By the end of my rest day, I have enjoyed a great book and my home is tidy.

There is just something about working against a timer that will make you clean faster and more efficiently. Trust me! Give it a try it will shave your time spent cleaning substantially.

Never stop carrying around your timer. It is Magic!

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A few timer tips: You should be able to see the timer counting down at all times (which is why a smartphone timing app doesn’t work well) . It is also helpful for the timer to have a pause function, should you get interrupted mid cleaning spree by say a child with an urgent need, or a phone call. I also like the face to be large enough to read from some distance. This timer by KitchenAid meets all those requirements and is under $15.

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  1. It’s great to use when your toilet training little ones. When the bell rings time to go.

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