Time Mangement Tip 11: Making Use of Waiting Time


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benefiting from waitingWaiting time, it makes our impatient selves crazy.

However, waiting time can be a blessing, when you use it to your advantage.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of your waiting time.

1. You have a doctors appointment: Bring along your knitting bag to work on a gift, or bring along a few blank cards and write out some snail mail (people love receiving it).

2. Long grocery line up: Grab your smart phone or small tablet out of your purse, and read a few pages of a book on your kindle app., or brainstorm ideas for upcoming blog posts and write them down on the note pad app. .

3. Waiting for your “suppose to be fast food”lunch: Open your e-mail account on your  smart phone or tablet and start deleting all the junk mail.

4. Stuck at the stove flipping pancakes: Get out your stack of free magazines and read a few articles while you flip, or deep clean the nearby cupboard.

5. Waiting with your child: Take the time to play 100 questions and get to know them well. Bring crayons and a coloring book and color together. Bring along a portable card game to play together. If school wasn’t finished yet bring along their books and hold class in the waiting room.

I hope my ideas hope spark some thoughts of how you could use your waiting time more effectively.

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