Time Management Tip 2: Night Owl or Morning Bird?


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get more done each day by working with your body's natural sleep cycle

Do you wake up early with incredible energy and then crash at night barely moving for hours? Or do you drag your feet all morning yet come evening you are able charge through your to do list with amazing speed?

Which ever you are, work with it.

I learned this one the hard way, for years I would put the kids to bed and then try and get a few things done. However, I found myself forgetting sugar in cake, or putting the thank you notes in the wrong envelopes (boy did that make people laugh, me not so much).

Then one night it hit me, why not just go to bed and get up early and work then.  What I discovered was I was able to get double the amount done in 3 hours in the morning before the household awakens as I was in the 3 hours after they went to bed.

My husband is the opposite wake him up early and he spends at least 1 hour just trying to comprehend that he is actually awake. However, from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. that man is a tornado of activity.

This month make a point to notice what you get done in the morning hours and how you feel, and what you get done in the evening hours and how you feel. Then stop fighting it and work with what you are, whether its a night owl or an early bird.

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