Time Management Tip 7: Saying No


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Say NO

You should be well on your way to finding out just how long every day things take you. You have a To Do list to fill your small and large windows, and you are visualizing your days.

However you still have more To Do than time.

The rest of these 31 days are going to concentrate on just that problem. How does an homeschooling work at home mom make more time for not just her work, but her dreams , her passions, her God given desires.

I hope whatever work you are pursuing it is a dream, something you want to make time for, because that will make finding time easier.

It will also make saying no easier.

There is time  to be found in the word no. Time to craft, time to blog, time to ……whatever it is you do, or desire to do, to support your family financially.

Practice saying  “no” or perhaps you could say “let me think on it” until you can formulate a polite “sorry but I can’t……because…..”.

Write a list of your family priorities and keep it handy to review when you are asked to undertake something new. If the request does not fit those priorities, say “no”.

If it fits family priorities but would throw your family life out of balance say “no”.

It is hard at first but once you start seeing the results, which include, less stress, less guilt (because you took so much on you were not getting anything done they way you wanted too) , and more time to work on those things that give your energy, suddenly saying no will become easier.

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  1. I have gotten better at saying no to people. I had to learn that during certain seasons of life my family needs me more and I need to limit what I do for others or for activities outside the home. I used to feel guilty but I am slowly getting over it. I am really liking your series.

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