Time Management Tip 3: Where Are Your Largest Windows



finding and utilizing large windows of uninterrupted timeOnce you have performed a time audit and discovered whether you are an owl or a bird,  its time to sit down and figure out where you biggest time windows are and how to best use them.

By big windows I mean any stretch of time that is 1 hour or longer, where you are free of interruptions.

These  windows will change as your children grow, your spouse changes jobs,or  numerous other things change in your family life. The key is to stay flexible.

Windows of uninterrupted time are excellent  for working on income producing projects.

For instance right now I have around 2 to 3 hours every morning of uninterrupted time that I use to blog.

My husband is also willing to homeschool the children one day a week and then make dinner that evening giving me another 3 to 4 hours to write.

If you have a baby, nap time might be your window. If you have preschoolers who rise early but also go to bed early then perhaps evening might be your window.

Do your children attend art or music lessons? I have often used this time to squeeze in a bit more work.

To make full use of your windows first you must know what you are going to do with them before they arise.

Keep a list of what you wish to accomplish during your next window going.

That way if one should arise unexpectedly you can make full use of it.

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  1. Oh to have one of those! I long for the day… 🙂

  2. Great point! I have finally hit the point this year where 4 of my kids are in school and my one baby at home still naps. So I am trying to be intentional about accomplishing goals during his nap time (even on days when I really just want to binge watch Netflix!).

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