Time Management Tip 29: Create To Go Bags


create craft to go bags

One way I squeeze a few more things into my day is by making sure I never leave the house without some type of craft along with me.

At all times I have 4 to 6 bags packed full of all the supplies needed to complete simple crafts sitting on a shelf near our front door.

I bring these bags to the pool, to a meeting with a friend for coffee, to a friend’s house for an afternoon visit or along on long car rides with my husband driving.

I don’t spend much on my bags. Most are from yard sales or were freebies.

I like bags with zippered tops to avoid loosing pieces in transit. I  prefer bags with flat bottoms so that they stand up. Pockets are always a plus to hold supplies.

By carrying these bags with me where ever I go, I am able to make enough crafts every year to give as gifts as well as sell.

Perhaps crafting is not your thing. How about reading? In addition to crafts I also carry along a book, magazine or a few e-books on my kindle app. every where I go so I can squeeze in a bit of reading wherever I am.

Do you work on a computer? I have a bag, that fits my net book, blogging binder, and other writing needs perfectly for an impromptu writing session, should one arise.

With a little bit of thought you can come up with your own “To Go” bags.

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  1. I use the reusable grocery bags from some of my favorite stores – my mom got me several of these bags from “local” stores as a moving present before my husband and I relocated to a different state. They come in handy and remind me of my family and friends back home 🙂

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