How Thrifty People Make Shoes Last Longer

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This thrifty trick that makes shoes last longer is not a new one. In fact I first read that others did it besides me in one of my favorite books on thrifty living of all time The Tightwad Gazette. I can’t remember the name the author gave it but I call it shoe rotation.make shoes last longer using this classic thrifty practice.

How to make shoes last longer with shoe rotation

I do this with gym shoes and sandals . I don’t do it with the runners I wear for outdoor runs mostly because I am a “heavy weight” runner (yep I know the pictures of me online do not indicate I am heavy weight but a runner over 150 pounds is considered heavy weight as far as running shoes go and trust me I am over 150 pounds) and I am also a heavy pronator so by the time I have ran 400 miles in my runners they are dead inside and out, and pretty smelly too.

My sandals and gym shoes however still have wear in them, and very little smell. I simply replace them because they can’t take workouts and long walks like they use too. The outside of the shoe also might be getting a bit ratty looking.

So my workout shoes after one year become my mountain biking shoes, and my one year old sandals become my beach or water park sandals.

Then after another year passes, my two year old sandals become my hot weather renovating shoes (painting and sanding mostly) and my two year old workout shoes become my winter weather renovating shoes.

By the time I throw out my workout shoes and sandals they are at least 3 years old. My sandals are sometimes older because I might wear them as every day  sandals for 2 summers in a row as I don’t walk in them as much as I do my workout shoes.

This practice keeps my good shoes looking good for longer, saving me money and it is good for the environment too as it reduces the amount of shoes I toss in the garbage.

This of article of course doesn’t address my dress shoes or boots but that is another post 🙂

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  1. texasangel says:

    I’ve always done this. Isn’t it just common sense?

  2. I have been doing something similar for years; I think we may have grown up doing it. I didn’t realise it wasn’t something everyone else did though!

  3. Sarah Vorm says:

    Yikes! My shoes usually get worn for a dozen years. I have sandals from Disney ..10 years ago. my mowing shoes are 10 years old. I feel like a complete frugal Freddie.

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