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I love clothes. I unashamedly take up two thirds of our small walk in closet, plus a large dresser. I also have my workout clothes stashed in  two drawers of  dresser in our dinning (long story as to how my workout clothes ended up in the dinning room, perhaps I will share that another day).

I however, don’t like paying big money for those clothes. First, because our budget won’t allow it. Second, because I grow bored of my clothes quick. Although, the main reason I don’t like paying retail for clothes is the thrill of the hunt.

I love to seek out and devour a good bargain. For instance in this photo, I am wearing genuine leather boots found for $10 at a local thrift shop. The skirt, Ann Taylor Loft, bought for $4 in a neighboring town’s thrift shop.The kelly green sweater, was close to free, when I used a coupon at target. The shirt under the sweater, $3 on clearance at Meijer. (sorry for the poor photo my 9 year old was the only one around to take photo’s and she quickly grew bored)

My favorite piece of the whole outfit is the necklace made for me by a friend.

Here is another photo of the necklace. I love its versatility, it looks good with so many colors. Here it is paired with a .50 cent Anne Taylor sweater, and a green clearance find tank top.

I love homemade items, especially those made for me by others. Nothing says I appreciate you like a gift that took thought and time to make.

How about you? Where do you hunt for deals?

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  1. Great outfit. My favorite stores for thrifty fashion finds are Goodwill and Salvation Army. It seems GW has a better selection, however, Salvation Army has MUCH cheaper prices. I wore a skirt yesterday that I picked up for 99 cents this week at Salvation Army!

    • Sherri, I find our towns Goodwill is not very good, however when I travel through Indianapolis, the selection in their Goodwill is always worth the time it takes to hunt through the large selection. I agree with Salvation Army prices being cheaper, our town use to have one and it was better priced. I also find independently owned thrift stores to be cheaper as well.

  2. I am so glad you shared your fun thrifty fashion. YOu look great and those boots are amazing. They go with so much, I know. :) Thanks for linking up.

    • Thanks Jen, I am so glad you visited my blog. I have followed you fashion posts for quiet a while so I couldn’t wait to link up one of my thrifty outfits,thanks so much for hosting. I managed to snag the same boots in brown that day as well, and yes they go with so many things, and my husband loves that they don’t have heels, since he is shorter than me.

  3. You always look good girl! And more authentic-ly good than anyone wearing $100-range outfits off the rack. At least in my opinion…. :)

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