Thrifty Christmas Roundup 2013


Thrifty Christmas Roundup 2013Are you on a tight budget yet you still want to give generously this year? Then you might want to check out all my Thrifty Christmas posts.

Inexpensive ways to pakage homemade treats as gifts (small)

1. Inexpensive Ways to Package Homemade Treats as gifts.

Christmas baking always makes a great inexpensive gift, but wrapping it can get costly. Here are my tips to keep the cost of wrapping homemade treats low.

12 Ways To Save Money On Christmas (small)2. Save Money On Christmas By Planning Ahead

The earlier you start applying the 12 tips shared in this post the more you will save this Christmas.

5 diy gift ideas for under $5 (small)

3. 5 DIY Gift Ideas For Under  $5

You can make some really great gifts for less than $5.

5 store bought gifts for $5 or less (small)4. 5 Store Bought Gifts For $5 or less

Using all my Christmas thrifty tips you can purchase some pretty substantial gifts for less than $5.

ways to earn more swagbucks to help pay for Christmas 5. Ways to boost Your Swagbucks earnings to help pay for Christmas.

I love Swagbucks. Most members earn points just by entering all their internet searches through the Swagbucks tool bar but there are so many more ways to earn. I bet if you look at your schedule you can find a bit of down time somewhere, in which you can earn a few more Swagbucks that you can cash in for Amazon, Walmart or Target gift cards to use to purchase gifts.

10 ways thrifty people shop for Christmas (small)6. 10 Ways Thrifty People Shop For Christmas

Thrifty people are not cheap. We just like to make our money go farther so that we can afford the things that matter to us most.

The christmas wallet (small)7. The Christmas Wallet

I use a special Christmas wallet every year to make sure that we stay on budget.

last minute inexpensive gift ideas (small)

8. Last Minute Inexpensive Gift Ideas Without The Mad Dash To The Stores

You are wrapping at midnight Christmas Eve when you discover you forgot a gift for …………. here are a few ideas of things in your own home that might be able to use to make an excellent last minute gift.

ways to use up holiday leftovers blank (small)9.  10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Ham And Turkey

After 19 years of cooking turkey for Thanksgiving and Ham for Christmas I have learned a few effective ways to deal with leftovers.

what to buy during after Christmas sales (small)10. What To Buy At After Christmas Sales

When you go hit the after Christmas sales don’t just think about what you could use for next Christmas but instead what you could use all year.

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Debt Proof Your ChristmasMary Hunt’s Debt Proof Your Christmas is full of great ideas for keeping the cost of Christmas affordable

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading this collection of posts on saving $ at Christmas time. With a family of 9 being thrifty is a must!

  2. What a fantastic round up in one great place!! Thank you so much for sharing :-)

  3. Being thrifty myself, I can’t wait to read some of your ideas!


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