This Weeks Yard Sale Finds: If you give a mom a desk…


This week it was yet another town wide rummage.

Just .50 cents!

My most amazing find of the day were these two crotchet blankets that are single bed size and just .50 cents each. The one above is in absolute pristine condition. I am going to give it a wash and then use it in my daughters room.

And another one for just .50 cents!

The green and tan blanket is in good shape, no holes or snags but it does have a large amount of dog hair on it. I am going to roll the whole thing down with my lint roller, then wash and dry and then roll the lint brush over it again. Hopefully that removes the dog hair. If not then it might become our dogs blanket (which would be a shame because its beautiful!)

$5 for the jacket $1 for the shorts

The shorts are for my husband. The jacket is like new, and by Columbia, I don’t look all that great in the color yellow but I bought it strictly with winter running in mind. Yellow should make me seen by drivers.

Glass pitcher $1, Vera Zip change purse $3, Duplo blocks $1

My husband and I currently fight over the one glass pitcher we own. I want to make herbal tea, he wants to make his powdered sweet tea. Now we no longer have to fight.

My daughter is trying to make herself a fort entirely out of yard sale Duplo. I always wanted to do this as a child too, so I am vicariously living through her by being her supplier.

The Vera Bradley coin purse is new. I love these coin purses, I have a similar one holding all my store cards, and another that comes on bike rides with me. I put this one to work right away holding my camera.

Black Computer Desk $20

My most expensive find of the day was this computer desk. I have had desks on my list this season. I want two one for the study room, and one for the boys room. This one is perfect for the study room.

Of course when you give a mom a desk, she has to……..

Study Room Before

put move the old table that was being used as a desk out of the way. Which leads to decluttering….which leads to cleaning the floor….which leads to dusting…which then leads to reorganizing the whole room! (anyone else out there guilty of this)


Now my eldest has all his books within arms reach from his desk. The book shelf still needs to be organized for the up coming school year but I had to call it quits so as to get a few other more pressing priorities done yesterday.

Total spent this week: $32

Do you end up reorganizing the entire room when you get a new piece of furniture?

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  1. Awesome finds!! Great job! Yes, I totally need to organize but keep putting it off… lol!!

    • Victoria says:

      Don’t we all. You should see my bedroom. It was all cleaned up and free of clutter not that long ago. Then we had visitors so we gathered piles from other rooms and tossed them all in the bedroom. That was 2 weeks ago and I still have not gotten to the bottom of those piles! ugh!

  2. looooove those blankets! i hope they come out fresh and clean for you. they really are beautiful.

  3. Yup, did the desk thing — which required rearranging lots of stuff. My story here:

  4. those blankets are so cute. I’m totally like you, the moment I buy a new piece of furniture, my rooms are rearranged…though when I get even a new cushion or lamp, I can end up changing my rooms too to work with it!

    • Me too! I tell my hubby it “upgrade season” each time yard sale season roles around, as in I upgrade all the rooms of our home with new pieces from yard sales, I guess its my way of handling spring cleaning! LOL

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