Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway: Zip-Top Organizing Tote and Mini Zipper Pouch

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I am so excited to be offering you a Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway this week. This giveaway is brought to you by Katie Warnock.

thirty-one giveaway

How I came to know about  Thirty-One Gifts.

I have to be 100% honest, I have been invited to numerous Thirty-One Gifts parties over the years and never gone. I really didn’t see what the big deal was, although I did admire a bag or two my friend would show me.

Then this summer I stumbled on a like new large utility tote and fell in love with it. I use it to shop numerous community yard sales over the season, and I could not believe how many yard sale treasures it could  hold before I had to empty it out in my car to do some more shopping.

The tote came camping with us and held beach gear that it normally takes two bags to hold.

It  currently goes to Aldi with me each week and holds a tonne of groceries.

What I like most about the utility tote

  • made up of durable fabric
  • easy to wipe down when it gets dirty
  • can be used in so many ways
  • long enough handles that you can sling it over your shoulder

The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote & Mini Zipper Pouch

Katie sent me both the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote & Mini Zipper Pouch so that I could try them out and share what I thought about them with you.

zip-top organizing utility totethirty one

My Thoughts On the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote

I was thrilled to see how much room the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote has, and put it right to work as my new crafts on the go bag (my previous bag by another company, got a hole in it recently  after 10 years of service) .

I put a large ball of yarn in it, my knitting needles, a small camera, my kindle and even my entire purse and there was still room for more.

This bag is so versatile.  Now that I have one I have spotted others toting them around as diaper bags, gym bags or just using them as a purse. I think the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote would also make a great carry-on for those of you that travel by air.

mini zipper pouch

My Thoughts On The Mini Zipper Pouch

The uses for the mini zipper pouch are endless. It would make a great gift filled with pens and pencils for the artist in your life, or nail supplies, or make-up, or ……. there are so many possibilities.

I am using mine to hold scissors, pens, gum, and a few other things that usually just roll around in my purse. It is saving me time since I don’t have to dig for these items anymore.

OH and I almost forgot, Thirty-One offers personalization of their items. You can add your initials or name to the items you order, or the initial or name of the loved one you are buying the gift for. Christmas is just weeks away and there are so many great Christmas gifts to be found at Thirty-One.

You can enter to win both of these items below. You can also enter to win a $50 gift card to Thirty-One Gifts by filling out Katie’s one answer survey.

Need Some Christmas List Katie Has Some Great Deals For The Reader’s Of Snail Pace Transformations

Give big spend small152 items $20 or lessOne of my misconceptions about Thirty-One gifts was that is was super expensive. Having now taken a look through the catalog I can say the prices are reasonable for the quality of the product you are getting. They even offer 152 items under $20 with many being a low as $5. Many of  these lower priced items would make great Christmas gifts.


Spend $35 and Get Your Choice Of Any One Of These SpecialsRight now when you spend $35 (the exact price of the Zip-Top Organizing Tote I reviewed above) you get to choose one of the items shown above, including the Mini Zipper Pouch that I reviewed. I like how the two compliment each other.

More Great Deals For My Readers

 Katie is offering FREE DIRECT SHIPPING on any orders from Snail Pace Transformations readers. This offer saves you 8% plus an additional $4 since it is coming directly to your house! This offer is only valid thru December 8th.

Here’s how to place an order and qualify for free shipping:

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::Place your order and get free shipping!

::Please note: Katie will have to manually deduct the shipping off after the online event is closed so you won’t see the discount until after she manually submits the orders.

 Want to Stay Up To Date On the Latest Sales

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You can also join Katie’s Facebook group.

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 The Giveaway

Use the Rafflecopter form below and enter to win your own Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote and Mini Zipper Pouch. Trust me you are going to love them. They are super roomy, durable, and could be used for so many different purposes.

The giveaway will run until Sunday December 7th until Midnight. The winner will be contacted by either me or Katie by email.

I will post the winner’s name on my Facebook page .

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  1. Lisa Muniz says:

    The first thing that pops into my mind to use it for is to hold my magazines that I’m currently behind on reading. I’d add my ipad, kindle and purse probably and cart it with me to either pick up my kids, to the doctor’s office or to the basketball games I’m driving my son to. Then I have my choice of reading materials while I wait.

  2. I would use the zip top utility bag as a jump bag for my minivan. It would hold diapers, wipes, coloring books and crayons, car toys for carpool, and snacks because my kids are always hungry!

  3. A diaper bag… Mine is way unorganized

  4. I have one of these that I use for a diaper bag!

  5. I would use the bag for a nay nay bag, for when I ave my granddaughters I wpcould everything they might need in the bag, so I could be prepared, love love love your blog

  6. i would love to use it as a gym bag!

  7. Michele Kennedy says:

    I need a great tote bag to hold my lunch for work & any stuff I take to do at lunch that day. I also have 2 young kids, so it would be great to hold their miscellaneous items too!

  8. Corey lesko says:

    Love this products! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  9. Corey lesko says:

    Whoops forgot to say what I would use it for! I would use it to organize/contain all of the items I keep in my car for my 2 toddlers!

  10. I’d probably use mine for groceries, weekends away with my husband

  11. Stephanie says:

    I love their totes. I have one that I drag too all the soocer/gymnastics/sleepovers you name it. they are great and people always comment how organized i am (NOT!)

  12. Getting organized

  13. Mone Thomas says:

    I would use it as a toddler bag for my son to hold his toys, snacks and things that he needs but also as a purse for myself.

  14. I’d use it for homeschooling on the go.

  15. Amy Hanson says:

    I would use it for my crochet projects. Right now I am using reusable shopping bags, but would love something durable with pockets. I would use the little pouch for my crochet needles!

  16. I would use it to organize the SUV.

  17. Kim Ehlers says:

    I love 31 and am always amazed by how much I can do with each of my items. Hosting a party was one of the smartest things I’ve done!

  18. I am always on the go and would love to use this to haul my things for my different activities!

  19. Melissa Bowers says:

    I have a baby due in July, so I might use it as a stylish diaper bag!

  20. Pam Allsup says:

    I would use the zip top tote for taking to soccer games, picnicking, etc

  21. I’ve always wanted to try these bags, too! I think I’d use mine for library trips or trips to the park.

  22. My daughter would use it for art supplies long before I could d code what to use it for myself!

  23. Kelli Taylor says:

    I would use it to lug my stuff to and from work.

  24. Becky Hackett says:

    This would be great to contain all my daughter’s belongings she thinks she cannot travel in the car without.

  25. I have two boys, 5 yrs and 4 months old. It would be full of bottles, diapers, toys, and stinky boy things in no time!

  26. I would fill it up with library books. Thanks for a chance to win!

  27. I would use this as a diaper bag or as my teacher bag. It would be wonderful for either option! I have a 31 bag right now as my diaper bag, but it doesn’t zip shut.

  28. Nikki Strong says:

    I would use the tote for event planning for my kids at school and church. I am chairman of the children’s ministry, room mother, and very active with the PTA.

  29. Katie wolfe says:

    This bag would be great to use in the car for long road trips to keep the toys togethers . the zipper pouch I could use for crayons and pencils together in the car. Thanks for a chance to win! I love 31 gifts!

  30. Wow!! What a generous giveaway!! 🙂

  31. Sara Cunningham says:

    I’d probably put it in my car to keep things like tissue and hand wipes in.

  32. I would use it to carry my knitting and crochet!

  33. I would use it for organizing my sewing/craft room


  34. These look so cool! Great for crafts!

  35. Dawn Keenan says:

    I teach at 4 schools and have to lug materials to each one. This would really help.

  36. Lacey Burd says:

    I think it would be a great bag for knitting/crocheting. A friend of mine just puts the yarn through the grommet holes to keep it from tangling.

  37. School bag for work or diaper bag. Cool!

  38. Kathryn Lester says:

    For toting my crochet/knit projects

  39. Laura Detmer says:

    I’d use it for scrapbooking supplies that I haul to crops 🙂

  40. I only own one thirty one bag and I use it for everything. I would love to use this one for organizing my sewing notions.

  41. I would use it for a small travel bag that I desperately need.

  42. this would be great for keeping in the car. It could hold all kinds of toys and things for my two little ones!

  43. I would use this as a portable office!

  44. Melissa M says:

    I would use it to keep the toys in my van in one spot.

  45. I would use it to carry my stuff in and out of my car.

  46. I would use it for my craft stuff that I carry around like my cross stitch stuff and yarn.

  47. A new church bag!

  48. It would be a great everyday carryon.

  49. Amy Moore says:

    This would make an great homeschooling bag, orgaize our desk , so much more. I love 31 looks really interested to see the quality and how durable the bags are.

  50. Shannon P. says:

    Something pretty to carry my crochet!

  51. I have been invited to 31 parties too and never gone. Although I do think they have some great products. I would use this probably as a new diaper bag/purse combo. I really need to stop carrying two bags around all the time.

  52. Austin Baroudi says:

    I’d give it to my brother’s girlfriend as a gift!

  53. Melissa L. says:

    I would use it for carrying stuff for my daughter when we go places. Thanks for the giveaway!

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