The Ultimate Green Guide To Repurposing Clothes

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Each year as a household manager to a family of five, I end up with boxes and boxes of clothes that are either too small, stained or ripped and have to come up with ways to discard of them without adding to the local landfill. I recently spent an afternoon brainstorming all the things I could do with them and here are the 50 I came up with (with the help of Pinterest).

50 ways to sell donate and repurpose your families clothing

The Ultimate Green Guide To Repurposing Clothes

For clothes that are still in great shape (no stains or rips and little signs of wear)

Sell Or Donate

1. Sell them on Facebook either to your friends through a virtual yard sale album or to those in your community through a Facebook buy and sell group.

2. Sell them at a yard sale.

3. Sell them at a consignment store.

4. Sell them through a consignment sale.

5. Sell them on eBay.

6.  Give them to a family with children smaller than yours who are on a tight budget.

7. Donate them to a local thrift store or Goodwill.

 Or repurpose  them in some way for another family member

8. Jean shorts into a skirt

9.Shapeless dress into a fitted one

10. T-shirt into a cardigan

11. Old sweater into boot socks

12. A denim skirt made out of the legs of jeans

13. A t-shirt into a child’s ruffle skirt

14. A t-shirt into a workout tank top

15. A oversize t-shirt into a woman’s skirt

16. A plain t-shirt to a peasant top

17. A onesie to a bubble dress

18. A t-shirt to a little girls dress

For clothes that are ripped or stained or dated


19. Save on paper towels and make them into rags for cleaning.

20.  Make a dog toy

21. Make a fuzzy rug

22. Make a bracelet

23. Recover an ugly bracelet

24. Make a bag

25. Create t-shirt yarn

26. Create a t-shirt yarn rug

27. Crochet a t-shirt yarn scrubbie

28. Sew a t-shirt pillow

29. Make a rag style quilt entirely out of t-shirts

30. Make a braided headband


31. Make coasters

32. Make a pair of slippers

33. Create denim baskets

34. Sew up a Christmas stocking

35.  Create a children’s game

36.  Sew a purse for you

37. Create a gadget holder

38. Make an Apron

39. Create a fun no-sew toddler toy

40. Make a wall organizer

41. Make Christmas tree decorations

42. Make a pair of shorts

43. Create a pot holder

Cotton Blouses, Skirts, and Dresses

44. Tear into strips to make Christmas ornaments

45.  Create diaper and wipe strap for a baby gift

46. Collect together several items and make a baby quilt (or a large one if you want to)

47. Create a fabric hairband

48. Or try this style of hairband

49. Create a key leash

50. Create a necklace

Bonus Tip: You can also consign your children’s and women’s clothing online through  ThredUp  they even take shoes and purses too! You get up to 80% of the resale value either as in store credit or Paypal. You can start your account with a $10 credit for purchases when you sign up through my referral link. Already a ThredUp member? Increase your online consignment store selling choices by signing up for Twice. Twice only takes higher end name brand women’s clothing and they also offer you a $10 purchase credit when you sign up through my referral link.

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  1. Great list! Some of your links were dead ends though. I hope you fix them; I’d love to see them! We always get a ton of hand me downs; this is a great way to use some that we can’t use as is. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been cutting up stained clothing to use as rags. We’re not paperless yet, but it is reducing paper towel consumption–a step in the right direction.

  3. Love some of the new ideas! I want to do so much more than I already am – rags, donating, selling. Thanks for linking up with us for Fabulously Frugal Thursday.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that you were the most clicked post on our Fabulously Frugal Thursday linky. I’ll be highlighting you in my post this week and our email reminder. Looks like people are looking for ways to recycle clothes!

  5. This is such a fantastic list of tips! I love it – thank you so much for sharing it this week at LWSL!

  6. Great list!

    T-shirts (or other cotton knit clothes, even panties) make great handkerchiefs because they are soft and absorbent and don’t ravel.

    Old socks are excellent for dusting, polishing shoes, or making into sock puppets!

  7. Love your blog…putting a link on one of my blog posts to yours…keep the cycle (recycle going)….repurpose clothing, textiles, and material..every little bit that we each do collectively add up to a cleaner planet!

  8. Great list! If you have clothes you aren’t interested in consigning, consider donating them to your child’s school. Most elementary schools keep a supply of clothes on hand in case of accidents, illness, getting wet on the playground (sliding down that wet slide) or some unexpected problem. Lots of times the clothes go home but don’t always come back. Especially needed are jeans, pants with elastic waists, hoodies, long sleeve tees, and outwear (coats, hats, mittens, snow pants and boots if you live in heavy snow areas). Also, most primary classrooms and art teachers also like button up shirts for paint smocks. Some classrooms use old socks for individual white board erasers. Ask if your school has a wish list.

  9. This is great! Do you mind if I share the link in my recent closet cleaning post?

  10. Jennifer says:

    Wow.. Its really great.
    But you can also sell your kids cloths online. I use some sites like and others to sell my kids designer cloths. Benefit is that designer cloths are costly and obviously no one wants to waste it. So its better to sell it so other kids can use it.


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