The Many Uses of Target Sample Bags


Over the past year or so I have enjoyed receiving the seasonal Target sample bag.

It comes full of samples and coupons, but that is not why I love it. I love it for the bag it comes in.

It has almost become a game, “what use can I find for the Target bag this time?”.

1. Coupons

The latest one has become my coupon holder. I was using a slightly larger coupon system, but with my family switching over to making homemade cleaners, and more natural beauty products I am finding I am using coupons less and less.

I  cut down the standard 3 5/8″ by 6 1/2″ envelopes to fit, and then labeled them with black marker. With this simple system I can add and subtract envelopes as needed.

2. Pencil Case

I use permanent markers almost every day, problem was I was always loosing them since they had no set place to land. Now the markers have a brightly colored home of  their own. 3. Craft Supplies

These bags are just long enough for crochet needles and small craft scissors. I can also store sewing needles safely by poking them through the lining. 4. Gifts

I some how ended up with two in this pattern. I gave one to my daughter for Christmas last year full of nail polish, lip gloss, and perfume. I saved the other one to give as a gift this Christmas to a friend filled with Bath and Body Works samples I got for free with coupons from their Facebook page that I know she loves.

5. Personal items

There is a reason this one is closed. I didn’t want to expose my personal items to the world. However these bags fit a days supply with ease.

Five ideas for future bags:

1. Crayons and a blank note pad for a kids activity kit on the go.

2. Fill it with BandAids and antiseptic wipes for  an on the go first aid kit.

3. Make it a purse organizer to hold all those tiny things that always get lost in the bottom of your purse.

4. Make money envelopes to fit it and use it as the cash envelope system holder.

5. Use it to hold hair accessories.

Got any other ideas for Target sample bags?

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  1. I love these bags too… I think they said this last one would be their last but I have one of each and am thrilled with my collection… thanks for the great ideas… I have used mine for jewelry when traveling :)

  2. I use one for a camera case to tuck into my purse.

  3. i use the blue one for snacks for my son. Things like pretzels, crackers and such

    • That’s what I use mine for too; it’s the perfect size for snack bars and on the go powder packs for water bottles :)

  4. They would make great sewing kits. You could make a kit for your collage student, a kit would be great for a bride to be. The bride’s kit could also include hair pins a few band aides, clear nail polish for any runs in the nylons.It could be a church purse for a little girl. Find a small doll make it a small blanket to fit in the purse. It could be used fir a tiddlers snack pack. Put a few snacks in a baggie and put inside the purses Would be easy to find in mom’s purse when the little one becomes restless

  5. I love the first aid kit idea! I could keep a small first aid kit in the car. Thanks for the idea!

  6. I was too cheap to buy a case for our GPS and was overjoyed when I realized it would fit into the target sample bag!

  7. I like to collect these throughout the year and then fill them up with goodies for my Operation Christmas child shoeboxes!

    I have also filled one with nail polish, fingernail file, clippers, and giving it away as a gift.

  8. I keep my nail polish and nail clippers in one of mine, easy access to them without them floating all around a drawer.

  9. I use one to store all the phone chargers we had lying around!

  10. They’re a great size for storing/transporting chargers for electronics. I can fit the chargers for my cell phone & Nook, my hubby’s ipod & camera–I even had enough room for the little case with my earbuds! I bundle each charger & wires with the small velcro-like strips that come around bunches of veggies so they don’t get tangled up. It fits nicely in my travel purse/tote!

  11. I use mine to store Orajel, diaper rash cream, Tylenol and a syringe in my daughter’s diaper bag. Keeps everything neat and organized!

  12. They’re great for quiet activity bags for my kids. Well… as quiet as they get, anyway.

  13. I love them, too! I used my last one (the leopard print) to hold my mp3 player, its charger, and my ear buds. It’s perfect!

  14. I do what Lisa above said…I fill mine with little items and then place them in my Operation Christmas Child boxes. :)

  15. I use the blue one as a purse orgainzer. It keeps my contact solution, contact case, and eye drops all in one place. The most recent one goes perfectly with my mom’s purse and she’s using it as an organizer/coupon holder too. She was more thrilled with it than anything I could have bought her! I have a couple others sitting just waiting to be used for gifts, or whatever.

  16. I use mine to put my kids toothbrushes/toothpaste in when we’re traveling.

  17. Jeanne Strickland says:

    How do I get the Target bags?

    • It is a sample pack that they have been offering once a season, I find out about it by following Money Saving , she shares a post with the link to follow to it whenever they become available.

  18. We fill them with cheap don’t mind if they get lost toys (McD’s provides many of them) and let the kids play with them when we are out.

  19. I use mine as part of my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!!

  20. I put all my hair bows in one. I packed all 4 for the beach this summer with stuff I may need at the beach.

  21. hollie n. says:

    i keep little toys, stickers and goodies in it for my son. i pull it out when he starts to get restless in the car or in the store, and rotate them out every now and then so he thinks he has a whole new bag of stuff. it works like a charm………sometimes………

  22. The pink and orange one I use as a clutch for going out! Its perfect for credit card, id and phone. And I have gotten SOOO many compliments on it!

  23. I add other samples that I have accumulated and take them to a local women’s shelter. They are so grateful for anything like this and I am happy to be able to help in some small way.

  24. I use mine for my pedicure “stuff” that I need to take to the salon with me when I get my toes done. It’s much prettier than the standard ziploc-bag that is standard issue at the salons around my neck of the woods. It fits the nail file, toe separators, etc. with ease, and I can even slip in a bottle of my favorite nail polish, if I want to bring my own to the salon.

    Thanks for all the ideas, these are great!

  25. I put two of the Target sample bags in my Operation Christmas Child boxes. I filled the little bag with some additional samples I had. These children need the stuff much more than I do!

  26. Carlene E. says:

    I used several of the bags for my Shoe boxes for Christmas. I put personal items in some and others left empty for the kids to put treasures in. I also use the newest one in my purse.

  27. I love these! My favorite use is my “gym bag”. I keep my iPod, headphones, gym cards -mine & kids, and then when I get to the gym I put my car keys in it. That way I don’t have to take my purse in and can put the little bag next to the treadmill.

  28. They said it is definitely the last. I read the post but not all the comments, so someone may have said this. I have many different medical conditions and am on a LOT of medication plus vitamins. I also have sound sensitivity problems and so I need to carry earplugs with me wherever I go. I keep all my medicine and my earplugs (3 pair, just to be safe) in one of these bags in my purse. It’s nice to be able to pull it out and have it all in one place. It is also convenient when it is time to refill (I only keep 1-3 doses of each medicine in there, depending on how many times a day I have to take it. The worst is having car trouble and missing a dose of medicine that is sitting at home!). I just pull out the bag and it is all right there.

  29. I have tried several times to get the sample bag at but they are always gone by the time I click the link from MSM. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find out about the sample bags immediately when they are posted? It appears that even an hour after they are posted, they are gone. Always a disappointment. Thanks in advance.

  30. I use it to protect my ipod touch when in my purse.

  31. Susan Clark says:

    My new phone is too big for the cell phone pocket in my everyday purse, so until I find a more permanent protective case for it, the latest Target bag works perfectly!

  32. Great ideas!

  33. When I saw your post, I had forgotten about the one I got this year. I think I’ll use mine for crayons and pencils for entertaining my 4 year old during mass.

  34. Great ideas, especially for coupons! Never thought of that! My daughter uses one for her little comb, mirror and jewelry :) Pinning your post to our Thrifty Thursday board. Thanks again for linking up and hope to see you again this Thursday!


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