The Last Day Of The Clutter Busting Challenge


7 clutter-busting challengeI did it! I managed to toss, give or sell 7 items a day for 31 days for a grand total of 217 items out of my house well sort of…

I have a box of “to sell items “that I now need to sell using various avenues. I am  planning on trying out a new selling avenue too. I want to try a local Facebook selling group so that I can share my experiences here as part of a Selling Saturdays post helping you to figure out how to make money selling things you already own and no longer need.

last day

Yesterday I started on the homeschooling cupboard so I went back there today for my final seven items. Our school year is over so it is time to gather up the books we no longer need and sell them. Normally I do most of my selling of our school items at a local  Secondhand Homeschooling Curriculum Sale but this year the date conflicted with another event so I am going to do an eBay blitz instead.

All but one of today’s items will be a part of the eBay blitz.

Looking back over this months challenge I realize that it has been a perfect example of the power of snail pacing your goals.

Life is so busy we rarely have time to go through our homes top to bottom and declutter them all in one day. Which is part of the reason they get so cluttered in the first place. However, it took me less than 2 minutes each and every day to find 7 things to toss, give or sell.

I don’t have a day to devote strictly to decluttering but I can find 2 minutes each and every day until the job is done. I can easily slow it down further  to 3 items a week to keep it under control now that the bulk of the decluttering is completed.

Perhaps you clutter isn’t your problem perhaps it is repainting several rooms of your home. You are waiting for that perfect errand and event free long weekend to pop up….but it hasn’t. However, I bet if you sit down and block out your days, you could find a large two or three hour block of time to paint. In that amount of time even the slowest of painters can paint a few walls. List all the walls of your home that need painting. Set a goal of 2 walls a night or 5 walls a week and stick to it and soon you will find yourself staring at a repainted home.

What ever your project goal is it can be snail paced in a way that will change it from overwhelming to do able.

Thanks for sticking with me this month as I tossed my stuff.

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