The Hardest Healthier Eating Habit : Breaking My Sugar Addiction

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With the beginning of May I moved on to the third habit that I want to form this year for healthier eating. To be honest I really didn’t get a start on in until last week as I kind of forgot what the 3rd goal was until I finally took the time to look it up on my blog (note to self print out goals!)

6 habits to form this year for healthier eating creating good eating habits one inch at a timeWhen I did look it up I said “oh no, not that one,I have been dreading that one”. Ask my running partner and she will tell you if there is one habit that I have complained the most about really breaking more than forming it is this one.

So what is it?

3. May-June: Cut Back On Sugar

Confession time, I have a raging sweet tooth. I rarely go a day without a sweet treat and I am not talking about 100 calories of the sweet stuff. It is not uncommon for me to down 4 cookies, and a handful or two of chocolate chips through out the day. Very, hard for me to type that but it is true. Other days I have been know to have two cookies after lunch and a bowl of ice-cream after dinner, and more handfuls of chocolate chips.

Goal: I want to be realistic with this goal. I once read that a good healthy goal is to make no more than 10% of your daily calorie intake be junk. With this guide line in mind I am setting my goal at a max. of 200 calories in a day in sweets 6 days a week, and one big 400 to 500 calorie splurge day per week (because I got to have ice-cream sometimes 🙂  ).

As you can see I want to eat just 200 calories a day of the sweet stuff. The goal doesn’t really sound all that hard unless you open up my lose it app and notice that currently most days I eat 400 calories of sweet junk sometimes more.

Um….does that sound better if I tell you that I make that fit in my calorie allowance of 2100 calories (remember I am charting to maintain and letting my 25 miles ran each week take off the weight at a slow rate) . Okay probably not at all better.

Sigh my name is Victoria and I am a sugar addict.

To get going with this goal I plan to look in the candy and chocolate aisle as to what comes already packaged at 100 calories or less, buy those and then stick to just 2 each day, except for my splurge day.

I am going to note the last day I splurged in my note app on my smartphone so that I don’t forget. I will keep track of the 100 calorie treats in my lose it app.

6 habits for healthier eating do them over and over and form habits that stick

How I am doing with my first 2 healthy eating habit changes

1. January-February: Portion Control

I am still using my lose it app and chart about 50 to 60 percent of all I eat. What normally happens is I chart all the way up to dinner leaving about 800 calories of room for dinner and then just sit and eat a dinner not charting it but trying to eat a wise  reasonable portion, not too big, not too small and heavy on the veggies, and then I don’t eat snacks afterwards.

2.  March-April:Drinking More Water

My exact goal for this was carry water everywhere. About half way through concentrating on this goal I found a cup I love that fits well in both my car cup holders and the pocket on the side of the thirty one bag I carry almost every where with me. Problem is it is my husband’s and he is not too happy about me borrowing it all the time. I really need to break down and spend some of my Swagbucks & InstaGC Amazon gift cards on one for myself.

Got any words of wisdom to help reform my sugar addict ways?

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