Swagbucks: Set A Goal & Earn It

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I had a commenter leave a comment on one of my posts where I mentioned Swagbucks stating she earned $75 her first month with Swagbucks and was on her way to earning $100 this month.

Her comment got the wheels in my head spinning  how can a person make $100 a month with Swagbucks?

How it is possible to earn $100 in gift cards from Swagbucks each month

How to Earn $100 in Swag Bucks A Month

This is just a sample  plan because Swagbucks is the point program that is as unique in its ways to earn as it is in the people who use it. You can find all these ways to earn Swag Bucks mentioned below  by fully exploring the Swagbucks home page. Take 15 minutes to click and explore all the tabs and find out for yourself all the fun ways to earn.

1. Do the daily poll

1 Swag Buck per day = 30 a month (takes just a second to do)

2. Complete the NOSO daily

2 Swag Bucks per day =60 a month (takes around a minute to complete each day)

3. Do the Daily Crave

1 Swag Buck per day =30

4. Use the toolbar at least once a day

1 Swag buck per day =30

5. Do the Read and Discover actions

30 Swag Bucks approx. per month

6. Do all you internet searching through Swagbucks

On average I make 150 Swag Bucks a week doing this = 600 a month

7. Radio Loyalty

Play Radio loyalty for 30 minutes and earn 5 Swag Bucks.

I am on my laptop at least 4 hrs a day so for me  could earn 40 Swagbucks a day = 1200 a month

 8.  Jump from app to app earning points

There are 4 Swagbuck apps that I know about where you can earn points.

  • Swagbuck TV App 36 daily Swag Bucks
  • EntertainNow App 18 daily Swag Bucks
  • Sportly.TV App 18 daily Swagbucks
  • Lifestylz App 18 daily Swagbucks

Total earned from apps daily: 90 = 2700 a month

9. Convert your Bing Rewards into Swagbucks

I wrote a post explaining how you can convert Bing Rewards into Swagbucks, based on average monthly earnings over at Bing rewards this should equal into 500 Swag Bucks per month.

10. Do your online shopping through Swagbucks Shop & Earn program

Your earnings will depend on how much you shop on line but based on my earnings I think 170 Swag Bucks a month is a fair estimate.

11.  Purchase your daily deals through Swagbucks

Again earnings depend will vary but based on my earnings 120 point earnings.

12. Watch Swagbucks TV on your computer

Up to 150 points a day = 4500

13. Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and enter the Swag Codes they share

I usually snag several free codes a week by following Swagbucks just on facebook, so I think 30 Swag Bucks a month is a fair estimate for this activity.

Add It All Up

  1. Daily Poll = 30
  2. NOSO = 60
  3. Daily Crave = 30
  4. Daily toolbar point = 30
  5. Read & Discover = 30*
  6. Internet searches = 600*
  7. Radio Loyalty = 1200*
  8. Daily app watching = 2700
  9. Bing Rewards conversion = 500
  10. Online shopping = 170*
  11. Daily Deals = 120 *
  12. Swagbucks TV on computer = 4500

Total = 10,000 Swagbucks which has a cash in value of $100 in gift cards.

(those with * are earning activities that will vary depending on individual)

True most people  are not going to watch that many videos and some months you might not do any online shopping for BUT those are not all the ways to earn Swagbucks.

More ways to earn with Swagbucks

  • Play games
  • Print coupons
  • Answer surveys
  • Do tasks
  • Fill out special offers
  • Reach daily goals set by Swagbucks for you and earn bonuses
  • Share the program with your friends
  • Watch Encrave videos

Combine 12 ways above with these 8 additional ways and you have 20 ways to earn Swagbucks.

Swagbucks also offers a large assortment of gift cards to cash your points in for, from department stores, restaurants, home renovation stores and more.

So make this the year you sign up for Swagbucks, set a goal for your earnings, choose the point earning activities that work for you and watch your earnings add up an your financial goal for them be met.

20 Ways to earn Swagbucks that can make it possible to earn $100 a month

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  1. I may have been fortunate but unless we have a goal whether $5 or $25 per month, then what?

  2. I do not own a smartphone so some of this is hard to accomplish without one. However, I’m printing this as you have quite a few good ideas. Thanks much. Wondering how long do you think it would take to earn this many points each day?

    • I am glad you find the article useful. I don’t know exactly how long it would take, I just worked out that is was possible.

  3. I’ve gotten $100 in Swagbucks for a few months straight. Before that, I’ve gotten $50 a month. If you hit your daily goals, get a streak for a number of days, you get bonuses in the following month – sometimes it’s $8+ worth for me! Also, games should be higher on this list, IMO, as you can play games (just let them autoplay, you just need to click it to go – not obligated to play) each day. Play ten games a day, every other game will credit 2 SB (.02 cents), up to 10 SB (.10c) a day. That adds up each month! Surveys are important, too, you can get credit for not qualifying and even more if you qualify for full surveys. 🙂

  4. How do I get the radio loyalty? I didn’t know once u made the daily swagbucks tv goal (32) that u could still get sb’ from the other apps! I had taken them off my smartphone b/c I never used them but now I will add them back!

    • Radio loyalty is found on the Swagbucks homepage. Hit the tab marked “discover” press on “special offers” then go to tab “radio loyalty” .

  5. Do you have to join radio loyalty, or just starting listening from that tab? I had it on for 45 minutes or more and never got a captcha.

    • Victoria says:

      No you don’t have to join, the captcha should appear on the screen right around the 30 minute mark. I set my timer on my phone and then look at the screen when it goes off, it stays up there for a few minutes. It is small like a little pop up add.

  6. How do you use the swag button to earn points each day.

  7. Hi – thanks for these great tips for Swagbucks! I have been doing surveys, plus a few other things for a year or so and have earned several cards. I don’t know what the NOSO is though, it may be obvious, but I have missed it. If you could explain that would be great!

    • Hi Peggy, Swagbucks discontinued NOSO since I wrote this post. They change things up all the time. My suggestion is to spend 15 minutes or so exploring their home page to find out their latest easy earning opportunities.

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