Sunday Surfing: Help For Those Rough Days


Sunday Surfing

Each weekday morning  I turn my laptop on and surf the web for 30 minutes, reading other blogs. I love sharing the best of what I find with you my readers, so you can enjoy it as well.

1. Homeschool Encouragement  at Daze of Adventure

I have not yet met a homeschooling mom who has not had her share of bad days. Here is a post to pull you through.

2. 10 Things I Want my Children to Learn that Schoolwork Can’t Teach Them  at Upside Down Homeschooler

A great reminder about what really is important for us  mom’s to teach our children…hint…it is not whether your children know all 50 states and their capitals.

3. Sixty “you might be a mom facts”  at Finding Joy.

Sometimes we just need to laugh and know we are normal.

4. 5 Humbling Parenting Moments at Simple Kids

I can totally relate to all of these humbling parenting moments especially number 5 which seems to be a “normal” thing around our home.

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