What To Buy During After Christmas Clearance Sales

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I have a envelope in my Christmas wallet specifically for shopping after Christmas sales. I pick up way more than wrapping paper. I buy things that I can use all year long.

what to buy during after Christmas Clearance sales

10 Things To Buy at After Christmas Sales

1. Gift Wrap For The Whole Year

When I look through the deeply discounted Christmas wrap I try to look for wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags that are neutral enough to use for other occasions throughout the year. For instance I once found plain blue gift bags and silver tissue paper that work well for wedding gifts marked down to 90% off.

2. Baking Chocolate

Stock up on Kisses and M&M’s for use in baking at prices cheaper than chocolate chips.

3. Containers for Next Year’s Homemade Gifts

If you know you always give out some of your homemade fudge for Christmas every year, now is the time to grab containers to gift it in.

Look out for holiday neutral baskets that could be used to hold gifts throughout the year. I often see plain wicker baskets marked down just because their label has a Christmas theme to them.

4.  Kitchen and Bed Linen’s

Plain red flannel sheet sets and white and red kitchen linens  are often included in the Christmas clearance and could be used all year long.

5. Tape and Packing Supplies

Every year I hit at least one store in the days after Christmas that has a display of marked down tape and packing materials. I take full advantage of it and stock up for the next 12 months.

6. Gifts for Giving Through The Year

I wait until late January to grab toys at after Christmas sales, by then the prices will be 50% off to as much as 90% off. Look for gifts that are suitable for birthday gifts for your children’s friends.

After Christmas sales also include fragrance and bath sets that can be given to women on your birthday list.

7. Stocking Stuffers

Look for things that don’t spoil like holiday themed pencils or Christmas themed little Lego sets, purchase them and stash them away for next years stockings.

8. Decor Items

Make a list before you leave for the stores. Do you need more Christmas Lights? Were you short on garland? What decorating ideas did you see on Pintrest that you want to try next year? Could you purchase some of the items for those ideas now and save money?

9. Ribbon and Other Craft Items

Grab what ribbon you need for next Christmas but also scan the aisle for colors of ribbon that you could use throughout the year.

If you sew gifts, now is the time to pick up Christmas themed fabric at deep discounts.

Look for buttons and beads and other supplies that you can use in projects all year.

10. Baking Items

Cookie cutters are not the only baking items found marked down this time of year. I own a plain glass cake stand that I got for 75% off just because the box it was in has snowflakes on it. The bowl I use for my dirt cake was another 75% off after Christmas sale find, again because the box was holiday themed.

Oh and don’t forget the classic after Christmas sale item: Christmas cards for next year.

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  1. Norma Walker says:

    I am a year around shopper for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes I begin after Christmas collecting and watch all after holiday sales. This last year I was able to fill 100 boxes.

  2. Great ideas! Thank you! Do you have any favorite stores that often have good Christmas clearance?

    • I am in a smaller town so Walmart is the main one. However if I happen to be driving through a bigger center I like stopping at Target.

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