6 Tips For Increasing Your Savings At Goodwill

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6 tips for increasing your savings at goodwill

You have gathered, and tried on all your clothes. You have decided what are keepers and now you are heading to the check out line.

Today’s tips could save you money when you reach the check out, although most of the tips require planning way ahead of the moment you will hit the cash registers.

1. Go to Goodwill’s website and find out what the sales and promotions are.

Go to Goodwill’s website and type in the location of the Goodwills that you visit frequently. From there you will find a website listing for your local Goodwill.

The two I frequent are under different management. The ones in Indy follow these sale guide lines. The ones in Fort Wayne, don’t list sales but they do have a downloadable coupon listed.

2. Know the color tag of week.

In most Goodwills they have a certain color tag each week that is half price. I always find out what it is as I enter the store, but I don’t tend to hunt just for that color. I just consider it a bonus if I do get an item with that color.

However if you are on a tighter budget and you live near a good Goodwill, you may want to pop in on the first day they switch the color of the week tag, and search just for items with that color tag.

Often these color tagged items are removed from the racks and placed in a central rack for easier bargain hunting.

3. Like your local Goodwill Facebook page

Not all Goodwills have their own Facebook page but if yours happens to have one, I suggest liking it.

There is a good change you will be the first to know of 50% off days, and you just might receive Facebook friend only coupons.

4. Turn over the back of your grocery receipts

One of the Goodwills I like shopping at prints coupons on the back of local area grocery receipts.

5. Strike up a conversation with the cashier

When you are cashing out, ask the cashier “do you have any regular customer programs?”  “when is your stores next store wide half price day?” .

6. Sign up for reward programs

The store in my area has a reward program that give you 10 percent off a purchase of $20 or more. A surprise gift during your birthday month, and other surprise rewards throughout the year.

If you give to Goodwill, the card also keeps track of your donations for tax purposes (visit link in blue for more details of how this works)

How about you? Can you think of any ideas of how to save additional money when shopping Goodwill?

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  1. Thanks for the great tips. I just signed up to follow them on Facebook – and you as well. Have a blessed week.

  2. Ahem.
    I signed up for the senior citizens discount in SC Goodwill’s. They give a fabulous 25% discount on Wednesdays.
    I live in VA and visit in SC…wish VA had such a program but I have to drive more than 100 miles, one way, to get to a Goodwill.

  3. I never knew any of these tips. Thanks!

  4. All my local Goodwill stores here in Kentucky have one price for items. They don’t do half price days, put out coupons, or have a reward program. Seeing these tips, I really want them to! It would be awesome!

  5. Linda Gillen says:

    I shop three Goodwills in my area and two others, in a neighboring state. Our GWs change their sale tag colors daily. Whatever the sale color is that day, say blue dags, all the books of that color tag are 19 cents each, for that day. I shop the senior citizen discount. When I donate items, I get a receipt. At the bottom of the receipt is a coupon for 25% off any purchase total under $100 – I believe this does not include certain items, such as furniture. Also, Thursday is Toddler Thursday. I am not sure of the discounts, since stores may vary – maybe 50% off of kids close, shoes, and, at some locations, toys.

  6. We have the 10% off store card that costs $10 a year. It is 10% off any purchase, does not have to be $20. My daughter works there and gets 30% off but the items they buy have to have been out on the floor 24 hours or more. I can only use her discount if she is with me AND not on the clock. Employee discounts cannot be used while the Employee is clocked in. Also Employees cannot check out Family Members.

  7. Our local Goodwills close out the week with a $.99 cent Sunday – all clothes and shoes that were that week’s color are $.99 each rather than just half off. You can also go to one of the two Goodwill Outlets where items that have not sold throughout the color-change cycle (that’s how they keep track of how long an item has been there) it goes to the outlet. Clothes and housewares are sold by the pound, and furniture is drastically reduced.


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