Shopping Saturdays: Shopping Second Hand Curriculum Sales (Part 2)

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5 more tips for finding the best deals at second hand curriculum salesLast week in “Shopping Second Hand Curriculum Sales (Part 1)” I shared  5 tips on how to shop the sales successfully. Today I am sharing the last 5 tips on my top 10 list of tips to shopping second hand curriculum sales

Top Ten Tips For Shopping Second Hand Curriculum Sales

Tips 6 to 10

6. Shop Late

If you are really short on money, and are extremely flexible about what curriculum you are willing to use, consider coming in the last hour of the sale. Sellers will be more willing to bargain with you then, as books are heavy and they don’t want to lug them back out to the car if they don’t have too.

7. Check for free tables (frequently)

A few sales I have been at have had a free table for sellers to place all the curriculum they just want to give away.

As a seller I usually take all my partially used workbooks to place on these tables, as well as curriculum that got torn or damaged in some way but is still very usable.

Near the end of the sale these free tables often get very full as people start wanting to just giveaway stuff rather than pack it up once more. So check the table often if you can.

8. Bring cash, and bring small bills.

Sellers at these sales are not big businesses they are individuals so they are not going to want to go through the hassle of a bounced check. Yes I know your check won’t bounce but even those whose checks will bounce say that.

To avoid being turned away from purchasing bring cash, and make sure the cash is in small bills just as a polite favor to those selling.

9. If you have small children do your best to come without them.

Second hand curriculum sales tend to be very busy places and in a blink of an eye a toddler can be separated from their parents.

To give yourself peace of mind, and the time and concentration you need to get the best deals at the sale, see if you can find a sitter for little ones. Perhaps grandma can watch them, or they can have a play date at a friends.

10. Bring a rolling suit case or several large sturdy bags.

Books get heavy in a hurry. To avoid having to waste time making several trips out to the car, which could make you miss out on a deal, bring along something sturdy to lug your books around in.

Many women bring suitcases with wheels, others bring those strong sturdy beach bags sold by lands end. You don’t need to spend money on something, just look around your home to find the best thing you can to do the job.

This is another advantage to selling where you are buying. In a matter of moments you can move from the sellers table back to your own and store the books under your table till the end of the day.

I hope my 2 part series helps you to snag some great deals for your family.

How about you? Do you have a tip for shopping second hand curriculum sales that I didn’t share in my 2 part series?

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Click to read more shopping tips.

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