Selling Saturdays: Throw it on the Front Lawn

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I have had a lot of luck with the selling strategy I am going to suggest to you today. However, for it to be successful you have to meet a lot of requirements.

a. The item for sale must be heavy as in it has to take time and muscle to get it off your front lawn. (although another option is to chain the item for sale to something)

b. You have to live in a honest neighborhood where people don’t tend to just walk off with items.

c. Your neighborhood has to allow you to do this. I know some neighborhood associations would frown at what I am going to recommend.

d. You need to live on a street that gets a significant amount of traffic.

e. You need to be home for the day, and able to look out your front window often.

f. You need to be willing to price the item at a price that will insure you do not have to haul it back to a place of storage at the end of the day.

If your neighborhood, your day, and your item can meet  those requirements, then drag it out to your front lawn and tape a simple sign to it.

The sign should be easy to read. It should contain, the price of the item in large clear print. Under the price, put knock on front door of ……… (your house number) for more details.

Make sure the sign is well attached  to the item, you might even want to put two signs on it on different locations. Why? because if the signs fall off, then people might think the item is free for that taking and drive off with it.

I have sold a very heavy patio table this way, as well as various pieces of heavy indoor furniture.

I would not recommend making a daily habit of selling things this way, since your neighbors may frown on you, and start calling you the junk lady(no this has not happened to me). I would recommend only one or two pieces a year.

One last thing to remember, I cannot stress enough that this selling strategy works best when you price the item low.




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  1. Deb Meyers says:

    My son and I had great success selling his outgrown bedroom set and armoire off the front lawn. We placed arrow signs “twin bed, extras, armoire” at key streets; set up the “bedroom” included the bedding on the lawn, and cleaned our front flower beds and pruned the hollies while waiting. In 4 hours he made $100 … considering all the furniture was thrifted finds I had spray painted, it was a good morning!


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