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using to feed your book habit for less

Last Saturday I discussed selling your used homeschool curriculum at second hand curriculum fairs.

If you find you have a lot of good condition smaller books leftover from your sale, you may want to try joining Paper Back Swap.

No you won’t get any money for trading your books, but you will get books back in return for your effort.

How it works is you sign up (follow the words in blue to join). After you are registered list 10 of the titles you are willing to part with. Then as a sign up bonus you can pick out two books from other members lists.

Once you have picked out your first 2 books you have to wait for someone to request your books to earn more trading credits. When someone requests one of your books, you will receive an email asking if you will accept the request.

Once you accept you print off the shipping label and mail the book. Shipping is at the cost of the sender, but you receive a credit for a book once your book has been received by the person whom requested it, and with that credit you can pick out another book, and that sender pays to ship it to you.

The average shipping cost is right around $2.50 for most novels that I send. If you have story books to trade, the shipping cost could be less, if you have hardcover novels, the cost of shipping could be higher.

I realize there are cheaper ways to get books, but what I love about Paper Back Swap is the huge selection of books available. I have gotten many books off  the reading list for Sonlight Curriculum that I would have not been able to find easily else where.

Paperbackswap also has a great selection of audio books, that cost 2 credits. So you can either trade 2 books for 1 audio book, or an audio book for an audio book. I love trading my books for audio books as my children devour audio books, and listen to them over and over when they are building Lego or creating art in their rooms.

So if you can’t seem to sell your books, try swapping them.

How about you? Have you found a way to either earn money or save money on books?

(post contains my  PaperBackSwap referral link, if you sign up my family gets 1 book credit)

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  1. This sounds awesome! I’m going to be going through my office in January and will probably have some books to get rid of. Thank you for sharing.

    • Your welcome, just remember the heavier the book the more it cost to send. Heavy books, such as hardback books, I usually take to my local secondhand bookstore to trade for store credit. Lighter books like paperback novels I put on paperbackswap so I can enjoy their larger selection.


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