Selling Saturdays: GameStop’s Trade In Program

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I think my boys spend probably half of their earnings from chores at GameStop .

Video games were really pilling up at our house until one day one of my sons desperately wanted a new game and did not have enough spending money for it. I told him he could probably easily earn enough money if he went through all the games he already owned and took in those he no longer played to try out GameStop’s trade in program.

He traded 16 games in total. Some had cases some did not. Some were Wii games the rest were Nintendo DS games.

He received a $35.90 gift card for his 16 games. He received  anywhere from .10 cents to $10.33 for each of his games.

If he had not hung on to his games as long as he had he would have received a lot more as what you receive for your game is based on how quickly they can resell it and in general the newer games are the most popular and therefore worth more money.

Our family also discovered that GameStop takes old electronics such as ipods like the itouch 3rd generation 32 gb our family no longer uses since upgrading to a family ipad. I was surprised to discover the trade in value of our families i-touch was similar to the average low end sale price on eBay yet I would not have to do any of the work of listing it or shipping it and would have zero selling costs to pay.

Overall our family was very satisfied with GameStops trade in program and plan to use it again in the near future. It is yet another great option for selling things you already own and no longer use to buy things your currently want or need.

click to read more ways to make money from items you already own

click to read more ways to make money from items you already own

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