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I love to craft but craft supplies are not an essential line in our family budget so I have discovered ways to save money on crafts as well as how to make them free.

Ways to save money on craft supplies as well as craft lessonsHere are all the articles I have written so far on the topic of saving money on craft supplies and craft lessons. This page will updated as I write more on how to save money on craft supplies.

Saving Money On Craft Supplies & Craft Lessons

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15 Ways Thrifty Knitters Save Money On Yarn

How To Learn A New Skill This Year For Free

10 Free Craftsy Classes To Help You Create Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts

10 Ways To Save Money On Children’s Art Supplies

10 Ways To Save Money On Craft Supplies

Inexpensive Craft Tutorials

From time to time I share crafts tutorials on what I have made. You will find those articles over on my craft page

Ways To Earn Money From Your Crafts

The Simplest Way I know To Sell Your Crafts

The Basket Craft Sale

A Few Of My Favorite Thrifty Crafting Resources


Craftsy offers 40 free mini classes, that contain high quality video instruction taken at your convenience on a wide range of topics including knitting, sewing, quilting, photography, jewelery making, baking, cooking, gardening, woodworking and more. All free.

screen shot for cardpool craft section

I love stacking discounts and coupons to increase my savings on craft supplies. Cardpool is a great way to do this. By purchasing gift cards at a discount I save between 10 to 16 percent on my craft supplies before even adding in a coupon or a sale.

ibotta app, arts and craft section

The ibotta App has an Arts & Crafts section full of rebates that you can stack with store sales and discounted gift cards to increase your savings. (here is a full tutorial of how to use the ibotta app and all its benefits)

How to earn 30 dollars a month with Swagbucks (medium)

Swagbucks is a great way to earn a few gift cards each month to pay for craft supplies. They have a large selection of gift cards you can cash out for , or you can cash out for paypal cash that you can use at whatever store you want. There are more point programs to help you earn money for your crafts but Swagbucks is my favorite.

Pinterest boards containing low cost repurpose crafting ideas

Nothing is less expensive than spending zero. I love using up what I have on hand to make crafts. Here are my pinterest boards where I pin ideas for doing just that.

Rescue Your Jeans

T-shirt Remake Reuse

Sweater Remake Reuse

Thrifty DIY Gift Ideas (not repurposed materials but still low cost)

Make sure to check out all my other money saving ideas over at my Thrifty Tips page.

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