RV Trip Update Week 18: Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake

(Links in this post are affiliate links. I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking those links. See my disclosure page for more information.)

(Some links in this post are affiliate links. I will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking those links. See my disclosure page for more information)

On Monday we crossed the border, leaving Canada and entering back into the USA. But not before we did one last Canadian candy run–we stocked up on Canadian Smarties, Mars bars, Coffee Crisps, Scotch Mints, and my favorite candy bar.

We spent our first night back in the States in the small town of Shelby, Montana. The next morning we drove to a KOA just outside of Glacier National Park.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Since we arrived at lunchtime, we thought we would go into the park that day, get a map and talk to a park ranger so that we could decide what we wanted to explore during our two full days in the area.

Once we were done, we decided to drive down the portion of the Going To The Sun Road that is currently open to vehicles. This part goes the length of Lake McDonald.

Lake McDonald was so beautiful. The water was a deep shade of blue and was so clear that it acted like a mirror reflecting the images of the many snow-capped mountains that line its shores.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

When we reached the lodge, we parked and walked down to the lake. There we found a dock where I couldn’t resist sitting down and letting my feet dangle in the water. It sure was cold, but it felt so good.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Although the portion of the Going To The Sun Road after the lodge was currently closed to vehicles, you were allowed to either hike along it or bike it. We chose to bike it. We have been dragging along five bikes for this entire trip and have barely used them, so it was great to put them to good use finally.

I bought a rear detachable wire basket for my bike back in Florida that is very similar to this one, and it worked perfectly for holding our lunch, extra water, and our camera.

We ended up eating our lunch by the river’s edge about two-thirds of the way into our bike ride.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

In total, I think we biked about 20 miles that day. It was beautiful weather, and the views were breath taking. We made it all the way to where they had the road closed even to bikes. I asked another biker there if they would snap a picture of us. They were kind enough to oblige. Oh, how I wish my husband weren’t wearing his hat! Even after lightening up the picture you can’t see his face. OH WELL. We do have other better family photos at other locations along the way.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Thursday we decided to try a trail that was much longer than any other path we have attempted on this trip.

We went to Lincoln Lake Trail in hopes of making it all 8 miles to the lake to have lunch and then come home.

RV Trip Update Week 18 of 22: Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

However, the trail turned out to be a bit steeper than we thought and one family member in particular was not happy about going up hill for so long.

We made it in about four miles when the trail was about to take a very steep downhill for another mile or so. I looked at my husband, and we both shared the same thought in our facial expressions. There was no way the child who complained so much about the first two miles of uphill was going to make it up these two miles of uphill on the way back.

So we sat down right there and ate our lunch while enjoying the mountain views between the trees. At the end of the day, a part of me was glad we only went eight miles round trip as my thighs were hurting me, but part of me wished we had seen Lincoln Lake with our own eyes.

I must admit though the child that had a rough start finished the hike with a good attitude and that made my mom heart gush.

RV Trip Update Week 18: How we spend our evenings.

Most nights this week have been warm and light. Many nights my husband and I have spent an hour or two outside reading side by side. I finished At Home In The World that I had started the week before.

I so agree with Tsh’s thoughts at the end of her nine-month long travel with her family of five. She basically says that she knows the trip has changed her, but she feels like she won’t know how until she returns to everyday life in the States. I feel the same now that we only have four weeks left of our 5 1/2 month trip. I know this journey has changed me, but right now I can’t pinpoint it. I read the quote to my husband, and he said, “Man, that is how I feel right now too.”

If you have a wanderlust growing within you to get out there and see the world I am pretty sure you will really like At Home In The World.

I have now started on The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful To Be Perfect and it is helping me think about exactly what I want to do to our home in Indiana when we get there. It once seemed quiet and cozy, but in the last few years I have felt like it has gotten cluttered and chaotic and I am ready for that to change.


RV Trip Update Week 18: Restaurants we tried in Polson, Montana.

Friday we left the West Glacier area for Polson, Montana on the shores of Flathead Lake.

We didn’t do much Friday except for grabbing lunch from Burgerville (very good) and groceries for the next few days from Walmart.

By the time we had all our groceries put away, it had started to rain and didn’t stop until sometime early Saturday.

We headed out to explore a few areas Saturday including the pictured Lake City Bakery where we all grabbed doughnuts and some rolls to use for lunch.

I like trying out locally owned restaurants, bakeries, and cafes as we travel. The prices are usually really reasonable, and so is the food. We have only had one or two places where the food was okay, not spectacular, but none where we disliked all that we were served. Trip Advisor and Yelp help us choose ones we know we will like.

RV Trip Update Week 18: Flathead Lake, Kerr Dam.

After feasting on doughnuts we headed out to the Kerr Dam, about a five-minute drive from downtown Polson. The icy blue waters were so beautiful against the rocky sides of the waterway.

RV Trip Update Week 18: Flathead Lake near Polson, Montana.

After lunch, we went for a brief walk around the shores of Flathead Lake in the Polson area.

And now I am back in the RV typing this because Sunday is going to be a very long travel day. Yep, I am spending Mother’s Day driving 8 plus hours to our new campsite near Craters of the Moon. From there we will head to Yellowstone–so be sure to come back next week to see the photos.

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RV Trip Update Week 18: Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake

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