RV Trip Update: On Our Way


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I am sitting in our RV at the end of our first day on the road as I type this.

Our first day on the road has turned out to be rather uneventful except for one thing — the FREEZING weather.

When I woke up Saturday morning I turned on the weather app and discovered that it was -1 Fahrenheit. That is pretty gosh darn cold!

I then looked up the temperature for the day in Nashville,which was our destination, and it was showing a daily high of 20 Fahrenheit.  Granted 20 is a lot higher than -1 but it is still cold.

When my husband woke up we spent time praying for wisdom together. Do we leave in such cold temperatures or do we wait it out until Nashville is at least above 30?

We decided to go for it with the back up plan of ditching the RV for a hotel if we couldn’t get it warm enough. We have never tried camping in cold weather before so we really were not sure if the heater in the unit was going to be able to keep up. Plus my husband was very concerned about water pipes freezing.

With our minds made up we flew into action packing the last of our items and making sure the house was ready for the house/dog sitter.

The drive to Nashville was relatively uneventful except for a few stressful moments at a gas station trying to maneuver the RV around the pumps and back onto the road. We want to ideally stop at large gas stations that cater to  semi-trucks but today we ran low on fuel and there were none in site.

We pulled into the campsite at Nashville in time to unpack and start dinner. It was higher than the weather app said it was going to get but still pretty cold. The RV warmed up quicker than we thought it would though.  It took about half an hour to feel livable and an hour to be warm and cozy.

We decided to not hook up our water for now. We are two spots over from the restrooms in the campground and they are warm and very clean. We do have to bundle up to use the facilities, but my husband really didn’t want to risk frozen water pipes.

It feels a little surreal to finally be doing something that started as a dream years ago and became a plan just 9 months ago.

This week we are heading to Atlanta and I promise in next week’s update I will  have pictures of what we see . For now I just wanted to let you know that the adventure has finally begun.

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  1. Hi Victoria, Finally sat down to look at your blog! I remembered you said Fridays. I haven’t been back to the Y after visiting our grandson in Chicago, relatives in Madison WI and then on to see my Mom. Someone gave me a cold so now am feeling really crummy. Hope to get back on Monday.
    Will look forward to reading where you are, etc…hopefully you are now in warmer weather. We are expecting freezing rain sometime this weekend. Don’t have any major plans but to watch the Packers play on Sunday. Safe Travels!!! Julie

    • Hi Julie, I miss my yoga buddies. I brought my mat but have yet to figured out how to do it in the RV with 4 other people in it. Monday’s are going to be RV updates. Sorry to hear you have a cold. Stay safe in the cold weather, and yes we are in a warmer area now–but I will try not to rub it in.

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