Project Simplify Week 4:Random Piles of Clutter


This is the last week of Project Simplify. I am definitely noticing a difference around our home. My clutter piles are  vastly decreased. I am still inching forward, and I am sure that I will experience some inching back, but for now I am thrilled with the results.

I set out to attack three hot spot areas of clutter in our home this week.

The first being our office supply area, where we keep the supplies needed for homeschooling.

The second was the top of the dresser in our dining room that holds all our incoming bills and my running gadgets.

The third and final pile I attacked this week was in the upstairs hallway. It was mostly made of up totes we used to pack for our vacation to Disney World. Sadly however, we have been home from Florida for over a month and they were still in the hallway.

While I was out for 3 hour and 36 minute marathon training run, my husband decided to surprise me by doing some house work that I had planned to do later that day. One area he tidied was the office area, so I painlessly crossed that area off my list.

I spent about 45 minutes one evening taming the top of the dresser in the dining room. I found a metal container not being used in another area of our home and used it for incoming bills. That freed up one side of the double sided basket for my son’s running accessories (watch, cell phone etc.) and the other side for mine. I then gave the bigger square basket a good clean out getting rid of old kids art, expired coupons, no longer needed flyers, and junk mail. Thursday I spent around 30 minutes, taking the empty totes down to the craft closet and refilling them with the craft supplies and my birthday gift stash that they originally held before we used them for vacation.

Putting those things back in totes made my storage closet go from looking like this……

To looking like this. It still could use a bit of work, but I am happy to see this much improvement for now. I am 100% satisfied with the improvement in the hallway. Remember last week it also had another huge stack of things. So to see it now completely empty, with an organized linen closet off of it and a completely decluttered and spring cleaned bathroom, makes it worth every minute I have spent this last month simplifying my home worth it.

How about you? Did you simplify any areas of your home  this week?

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  1. Nice job! I am hoping to keep going with all of this decluttering. Working on hotspots has been a bit easier than working on entire rooms…although I am doing that too :-) I worked on my armoires this week, you can find that post here

  2. Wow, great job! I too am hoping to keep up the momentum of clearing hotspots and getting the house in better working order. Little by little we’ll get it done!

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