Prepping For Our RV Trip: We Are FINALLY Leaving

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At the end of this week our family of 5 will finally pull out of our neighborhood and begin our 5 1/2 month trip across the States, up the west coast, into Canada and back home again. Every Monday I plan to post a trip update here on the blog.

A Week Of Lasts

Last Shift

On Thursday morning my husband headed out the door for his last day of work for 5 1/2 months.

My husband is an AMAZING nurse. He has a BIG heart and he feels for his patients. He is also a very HARD worker dedicated to his family.

Although he is looking forward to our trip leaving work for him was hard. He will miss serving his patients and working with his co-workers.

The very next day he spent most of his time doing trip related errands. He will be doing a lot more of those this week.

Last Goodbyes

This week we have gotten down to the finals in more ways than just final shift at work. I had my final yoga class on Friday and at the end of it my classmates gave me this card, a few gifts, and sent me on my way with a tummy full of yummy cookies.

We have had several “have a great trip” meals with friends. Every where we go people are telling us how excited they are for us and telling us goodbye until June.

Thank goodness for Facebook, Instagram and texts to keep us in touch with those we love on the road– otherwise I don’t think I would be handling all the goodbyes as well as I am. I know we will be back but I will miss my friends and community.


Last Minute Projects

Confession, I am a huge homebody. I am one of those people who never sleeps well at a hotel. I love my own bed, my own kitchen, my own bathroom. And yet here I am about to leave on a trip that will take me all away from that for 5 1/2 months.

Since my hubby knows all this, he has been very patient about doing things inside the RV for me to make it have that homey touch.

One such project is this .50 cent yard sale frame redo you see in the picture above. It was an ugly brown and gold, he spray painted it for me and then attached chicken wire to the back.

I bought binder clips from hollar and plan to use them to attach pictures, scripture and other things to this frame.

I purchased a Polaroid zip mobile printer so I can print pictures straight from my smartphone as I take them. By the end of the trip this frame should be filled of memories of all the places we have seen on the road.

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