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all I want for christmas is an organized homeIt is November once again which means I will be spending less time blogging and more time cleaning and getting ready for the holidays. There is nothing I like more than sitting down to enjoy Christmas day knowing there are no spider webs in the corners, no dust bunnies under the couch and no stacks of paper on the coffee table.

Most folks “Spring Clean” but me I “Christmas Clean”. Clean walls, doors, floors and surfaces is a gift to me.

Here is my plan for this year

For 6 weeks I will spend the length of one podcast (about an hour) Monday through Friday deep cleaning one area of my home from top to bottom as I listen. I will spend 5 days attacking just one room so that no area of the room remains untouched.

Here are the areas I plan to tackle each week

Week 1: The Attic

Week 2: The Library

Week 3: The Kitchen

Week 4: The Family Room

Week 5: The Dining Room

Week 6: Hallways, Stairwell, Entryways and Bathrooms

(When updates are posted I will also update this landing page so that the plan will be full of live links for you to follow along with ease)

You will noticed I skipped out bedrooms. I just found last years plan too long so I am cutting back a bit and just making sure the main floor where all the Christmas events take place gets a good cleaning and will save the bedrooms for January, when I plan to purge my closet again.

Each week on Wednesday I will share pictures of my progress in the morning and in the evening I will post a cleaning related post.

Here are my cleaning topics for the series

Week one: My top 5 housekeeping posts

Week two: 20 Pinterest boards to follow to help keep your home cleaned and organized

Week three: Top 10 reasons to keep clutter

Week four: 10 great reasons to toss clutter.

Week five: 10 Ways To Make Cash While Tossing Clutter

Week six: Kissing clutter goodbye

Week seven: 3 Secrets to Keeping a House Clean in Less Time

I hope you will not only follow along but also join in so we can all enjoy a deep cleaned home by Christmas.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)


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