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4 podcasts for growing your blog

This is my last post in my Blogging University: Sophomore Year series. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to  close this series with. In fact you might have noticed that it was suppose to end last week, but my Facebook Wisdom post just didn’t seem like the end of all I had to say about my Sophomore year of blogging.

If I could choose one word to sum up my sophomore year it would be “learn”. I spent a lot of time during my second year of blogging learning. Learning what it takes to grow a Pinterest following. Learning what it takes to grow a Facebook following. Learning how to take better pictures. Learning how to better plan my days so I can fit in all I am learning.

I learn through reading eBooks on blogging. I learn through reading blogs on Blogging. I learn through watching YouTube videos on blogging. My favorite way to learn about blogging though is through podcasts on blogging.

Why do I love blogging podcasts so much? It is because I can turn any activity any time of the day into a time to learn. I can scrub toilets while learning how to improve SEO. I can run on the dread tread while learning how to better engage with my readers. I can bake while learning how to harness my writing to better suit my audience.

Why is podcast learning so convenient? I get to choose when I want to listen to the podcast, I don’t have to be there while the event is taking place. I can choose to just stream them on my iPod while I am in my home or in a place with free Wi-Fi or I can download a few episodes to listen to as I run. I can listen  through my jawbone jambox while I tidy up a room or I can plug in my headphones and listen as I workout. Podcasts go everywhere and are available with a touch of my finger tips at any time.

4 Podcasts about blogging I am currently learning from

1. Blogging Your Passion

I just recently found Blogging Your Passion and have only listened to one podcast, but it was enough to convince me to subscribe to the channel and I am looking forward to working my way through their archives.

2. How They Blog: The Podcast with Kat Lee

I found the How They Blog podcast when Kat Lee did an interview with Crystal Paine and Crystal then posted about it on her site Money Saving Mom. Since then I have listened to 2 more podcasts and am hooked.

3. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

I am a long time listener of the Smart Passive Income Podcast and anxiously await for the next podcast to come out when I finish the currently released one

4. Learning With Leslie

About a month ago Leslie interviewed Rachel Martin of Finding Joy about how she manages to have such great interaction with her readers on Facebook. I am now hooked on Learning With Leslie.

These are just 4 podcasts about blogging out there, I know there are many more ( I would love to hear about your favorites in the comments if you have one so I can check it out). What I really want you to take away from this post though is that learning how to blog successfully does not have to take time out of your day. Learning can fit into your day. Learning can follow you where ever you go. There is no excuse not to keep learning.

So enroll in your own personal Blogging University and make learning how to blog a part of your every day life. Don’t fit life around learning to blog, instead make learning to blog fit into your daily life.

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(post contains affiliate links)

My favorite way to listen to podcasts is through my Jawbone Jambox. The sound of this little speaker is amazing helping me hear the podcast above the day to day noises in our busy home.

Blogging University Sophomore year (small)

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  1. Great article! Thanks for all of the links and information. I hadn’t heard of the first podcast but I’m a listener of numbers 2 and 4 and sometimes 3. Love Kat Lee! I also love her other podcast, Inspired to Action.
    I found your site today via the Inspired Bloggers group. It looks like you’ve got some great stuff here!

  2. I just finished listening to the podcasts that you posted last week. Looks like you have given me some great new content to listen too. Super excited!

    • I am so glad, you are enjoying the information sources I am sharing. I love them too, they are really adding to my blogging.

  3. Content Warfare is a fabulous podcast about blogging and social media marketing.

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