Microwavable Peanut Brittle


I found this recipe off Pinterest and immediately pinned it.

The candy thermometer is not my friend. It seems like a simple thing reading temperatures, yet all recipes that I have tried using one, have flopped.

The recipe comes from Plain Chicken. You can find and print the recipe yourself here.

Here are my tips for making this recipe:

What the mix will look like after it comes out of the microwave the first time.

Time is of the essence when making peanut brittle, the sugar sets up very fast, to make things work make sure you have all your ingredients out and measured and ready to grab.

I used lightly greased wax paper for spreading out my peanut brittle. It was a bad idea, it stuck to the back of the brittle and became a source of much frustration for me as I spent many minutes peeling off tiny shreds of stuck on wax paper.

The original recipe calls for parchment paper, and yes there is a difference so next time I will try that.

The brittle sets up extremely fast when it comes out of the microwave the second time. Make sure you have a spatula and pan ready and waiting so that you have enough time to spread it thin enough before it starts setting up.

My other suggestion is if you want to make more than one batch do notĀ  try making up a double batch at one timeĀ  as it would mess up the heating process in the microwave, instead repeat the process over again.

Definitely do make more than one batch though as this stuff is addictive and you are going to find yourself munching on it as your wrap it up for gifts.

Have you discovered any great pins for simple no bake gift worthy Christmas Treats?

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