Make Christmas Ornaments Out Of Build-A-Bear Happy Meal Toys

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make Christmas ornaments our of build-a-bear happy meal toysI have friends in real life that are always saying “you eat so healthy” so I guess with this post I am letting my secret out of the bag. Once and a while I have a craving for a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries and I like to wash it all down with a Dr Pepper.

Whew! Confession really does make the heart feel lighter. To reduce the effects of my indulgence,  I keep it small and get the Happy Meal. Of course a toy comes with the Happy Meal, and usually those toys are tossed in the throw away box rather quickly. However there are some toys that are kinda cute, like this months mini Build-A-Bear toys.

This weekend was one of those got to have a cheeseburger type weekends and the whole family went along. My daughter and I got Happy Meals and both of us received a different Build-A-Bear. My daughter said to me” mom these are so sweet but what will I do with them”?

It took me all of about 10 seconds to think of the rather empty  huge Christmas tree that ate every last ornament I had sitting in our library.  “Hey I know we can make them into Christmas ornaments”. My daughter loved the idea.

threading the build-a-bearAll it took was a needle and some yarn and in under 30 seconds the mini Build-A-Bear gained a new life as a Christmas ornament.

build-a-bear to Christmas ornament in 30 secondsWant more thrifty Christmas tips? Follow the Thrifty Christmas Tips board on Pinterest. Want more Christmas ornament ideas? follow my DIY Christmas Ornament Board.

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